Ultrasonic Candy Cutting Machine

The WANLI Ultrasonic Candy Cutting Machine uses high frequency wave vibration to quickly handle candy, eliminates the downtime caused by traditional cutting blades for cleaning. Ultrasonic knife up and down 20000 vibrations per second, the high frequency vibration in the ultrasonic blades and candy build a little friction between surfaces, so don’t stick a knife and extrusion deformation problems. Since friction reducing greatly, so ultrasonic blade actually didn’t wear. Therefore, ultrasonic food sharper cutting knife, longer life, can also reduce the annual maintenance and tool change cost. On the human, assembly line work from 8 people reduced by 2 people, from the point of the company long-term development, save a large amount of manpower cost to the company.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Nougat Candy Cutter

The automatic ultrasonic food cutting machinery is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic vibration to cut food, mainly used for cutting cakes, bread, candy and other baked goods. This ultrasonic nougat candy cutter introduced today, it uses ultrasonic vibration to cut, the cutting surface is very flat, no compression and heat, maintaining the original flavor and taste of the food, ideal for cutting soft candy and harder candy.

1.Type of cutting knife: Put ultrasonic on cutting knife, and then it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved.

2. Type of cutting boards: Put ultrasonic on bed die, just like boards, and it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved. Simple cutter is OK.

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High Quality Ultrasonic Candy Cutting Machine

WANI provides a low maintenance system for cutting cakes using Ultrasonic cutting technology. The Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Machine can be configured into existing pipeline production or can be used alone.
These cutting systems also benefit from design which allows easy access for cleaning and inspection to keep maintenance and production time to a minimum.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Automatic Candy Cutting Machine

Our ultrasonic bread cheese candy slicing machine able to cut cheese cubes or sticks in perfect shapes high output.
They are more accurate, more flexible, and more economical to buy and to operate; this will give you a much faster return on the investment, and a clear advantage over your competitors.

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Ultrasonic Candy Cutter Cake Slitter Equipment

The ultrasonic food cutting machine (cutter) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, titanium blade and digital generator.
This ultrasonic candy cutter cake slitter machine is mainly for cutting cake, caramel treat, corn cake, rice candy, peanut brittle, nougat and other food into cube or rectangle shapes.
This ultrasonic candy cutter machine adopts cursor location design, which can cut the food by transverse vertical cutting. You just need to put the food on the machine.

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Confectionary Ultrasonic Candy Slitter

Confectionary ultrasonic slitter machines to cut a wide range of products. Cutting of rectangle, triangles and rhombuses out of sheets and cutting of pieces out of round products.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Peanut Candy Cutting Machine

The bakery ultrasonic peanut candy cutting machine cuts the product by cutting the product with extremely high precision, cutting quality and uniformity, which greatly reduces the output loss. We know that cleanliness and consistency are the key to your baked goods, so we have developed a series of ultrasonic machines and equipment that can consistently slice and divide various products. From cakes and cheesecakes to pastries and sweets, to traditional tray baked products (such as brownies and pancakes), we can provide a solution that meets your needs. Whether you are freezing, refrigerating or working at room temperature, our machine can slice your products with extremely high precision, slice quality and uniformity, thereby greatly reducing production losses.

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High Effective Ultrasonic Candy Cutter Equipment

High effective ultrasonic candy cutter equipment is a fully automatic high-performance food cutting equipment with multiaxis standard control system. The actual food production can fixed positioning and complete all operation automaticly according to the need. The machine is a very practical and user-friendly machine for all baked food manufacturers who need to cut a large amount of chocolate, nougat, fudge, haw jelly, marshmallow, mochi and other candy into pieces. This series of equipment can be connected to the production line to realize fully automated production. The design concept of ultrasonic food cutting equipment is to improve and enhance the consistency of candy cutting, as well as increase production efficiency, save cost and return on investment of manpower, and the cost can be recovered in the short term. It can cut a variety of products, including normal temperature food, frozen food (above minus 18 degrees Celsius) and high temperature food (below 50 degrees Celsius).

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Ultrasonic Peanut Candy Cutting Equipment

For porous foods, such as bread, cakes, marshmallows, and similar structures, the common feature is the void cavernous structure. Moreover, it is easy to be compressed and deformed. If traditional cutting tools are used, only part of the cutting can be achieved. If further cutting, distortion or breakage will be formed. But if you use ultrasonic cutting you get a very good result.

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Wanli Ultrasonic Candy Cutting Equipment

Our machines are ideal for cutting crisp baked goods such as cakes, pies and pizza into flakes, lumps or sectors, such as brownie and mousse cakes. The ultrasonic cake cutting tools machine can be cut from various temperature ranges from minus 17 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius – all with excellent cutting quality and stability.
We focus on the combination of ultrasonic cutting and 6-axis control systems to provide customers with the greatest flexibility, quality and efficiency needed to meet changing market demands.

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Ultrasonic Candy Gelatin Cake Cutting Equipment

ultrasonic candy gelatin cake cutting machine is a desktop food cutting equipment, is a new generation of economical ultrasonic food processing equipment. The machine has a wide variety of cutting modes, and the operator can operate on the touch screen to select the most suitable cutting mode, which can handle different types of food such as gelatin cake, pizza, Nagasaki cake, candy and so on. The machine can cut any size rectangular, cut round, sliced, cut rectangular, cut triangle can be. In addition, it has a small size, easy to carry the characteristics of cutting when the safety grating as a protective, in the cutting process of human intervention, the device will promptly stop cutting, the maximum protection of the operator’s personal safety.

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Wanli Group Machinery Peanut Nougat Candy Ultrasonic Cutter

It is compact slicer machine with conveyor belt, it can meet the requirements of factory and baking home for high speed continuous cutting machine, its cut speed can up to 180 cuts/minute,can cut kinds of products such as cake, bread, cookies, nought, candy, cheese, protein bar and so on.

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nougat candy ultrasonic cutting machine

cut and separate all portions in line, also for chocolate with specific blades.
All sticky products as caramel are easy for us to cut.
For the last 10 years we design and manufacture the ultrasonic generators, transducers, boosters and blades, of our own machines. 

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