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Bakery Equipment Block Cheese Cutting Machine

Utilising ultrasonic technology to maximise yield and throughput and minimise giveaway
From hard, grainy Parmigiano and Pecorino to crumbly Feta and soft Brie, cheese presents an almost infinite variety of challenges for the modern dairy industry. With our hands-on experience of almost every type of cheese available, we can provide the right machine for you.
Our ultrasonic cutting machines are designed to maximise yield and throughput and minimise giveaway, while ensuring the highest possible cut quality, even for cheeses with additional components such as nuts and fruit.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Cheese Cake Slicing Machine

Our ultrasonic cake slicing machines are ideal for slicing crisp baked goods such as cakes, pies and pizza into flakes, lumps or sectors, such as brownie and this ultrasonic cake slicing features one cutting station for inline slicing of fresh sheet. The machine features a servo driven conveyor, multiple axis cutting head, automatic onload and offload options and is built to cut round cakes into wedge slices or full sheet cakes into squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, parallelograms, hexagons, and other shapes. The ultrasonic blade allows a facility to cut fresh and delicate bakery products fresh and eliminates the wasted time and cost of freezing the products before portioning. The ultrasonic cake slicing machine is best for high production bakeries slicing various types of products at various temperatures.

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High Production Ultrasonic Cheese Cube Cutting Machine

WANLI Ultrasonic Automatic Cheese Cube Cutting Machine
WANLI machinery design and manufacture ultrasonic cheese cube cutting equipment to meet our customers various reduction needs. Our cheese cube cutting machines can cut blocks of cheese into random as well as exact weight sizes in various dimensions. In addition, these machines can reduce large blocks into cubes for shredding, grinding, grating, and melting for industrial use.

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Adjustable Automated Cheese Slicer

Adjustable Automated Ultrasonic Cheese Slicer

The machine can block cylindrical cheese or butter, or cut cubes of cheese or butter into cubes, cuboids and triangles.It USES servo drive system, controlled and saved by touch screen cutting mode, can choose different mode according to cutting requirements.

Features: 1. Use of titanium alloy ultrasonic blade, not easy to wear and tear, long service life.2. Friendly touch screen interface, capable of storing multiple cutting schemes.3. The positioning of the blade and the product adopts servo drive, which is fast and accurate.4. The size and weight of the blocks are exactly the same, and the cutting surface is neat and beautiful.

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Commercial Automatic Ultrasonic Cheese Cutting Machine

Commercial Automatic Cheese Cutting Machine WANLI Ultrasonic Automatic Cheese Cutting Machine Our ultrasonic cutting machines are designed to maximise yield and throughput and minimise giveaway, while ensuring the highest possible cut quality, even for cheeses with additional components.

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Automatic Ultrasonic CheeseCake Cutter

This model is suitable for medium to large production level of the baking industry and cheese production.The design of mainframe meets sanitary and CE standards. Ultrasonic cake cutters can make clean cuts; even those products that are difficult to cut with conventional steel cutters, such as cheese, cakes, etc. Also, the ultrasonic titanium cutters does not requires high-frequency cleaning to have clean cuts as conventional steel cutters. The simple design is not only easy to operate but also easy to clean and maintain.

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Ultrasonic Cheesecake Cutter Machine

A cheesecake slicer is a key addition to any bakery’s production line. Automated equipment improves efficiency, reduces costs, increases consistency, and makes a better product. Bakeries around the world are working to incorporate automated depositors, crumb base spinners, ovens, freezers and more, and the cheesecake slicer is the ideal tool to automate the portioning process.
When searching for a cheesecake slicing machine it is important to take into account the needed production speed, the sizes and number of portions of the cakes, and the temperature at which the cakes will be cut. Ultrasonic slicing machines utilize a titanium alloy mechanical blade and are best for frozen cakes. Cheesecake cutter machines incorporate an ultrasonic blade, allowing bakers to slice warmer and more delicate products.
If you are looking for bakery equipment to automate your cheesecake production process contact WANLI today and schedule a test cut with your cakes!

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Commercial Ultrasonic Cheese Slicing Machine

The ultrasonic cheese cutting equipment we developed can be used to cut a variety of candy and food, such as: nougat, fudge, toffee, chocolate, hawthorn cake, marshmallow, mochi, shaqima, etc. The product solves the problems of sticking knives, melting, severe tool wear, debris, dross, etc. encountered in the confectionery industry in the cutting process.

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Industrial Cheesecake Slicing Equipment

This Cheesecake Slicing Equipment will portion and cut a variety of frozen or chilled round cake products. Cuts and slices frozen round cakes, budnt cakes, cheesecakes, pies, cheese, and more. The machine has quick-change product holders and can cut various cake diameters. This cheesecake slicer features servo-driven blade heads with pneumatic-driving cutting blades and the conveyor is run by a servo drive for accurate and fast positioning. This machine is best for a high production facility slicing.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Cheese Slicer Machine

Model: Wanlisp4-300K1450L2000
Material: Titanium Alloy
Rated Voltage: 220V

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WANLI Ultrasonic Slicing Machine Cheese Slicer

Automation Ultrasonic Cheese Slicer. Are you a cheese producer, cutter, packer or distributor looking to reduce costs, improve yield, reduce giveaway & labor, all while increasing cut quality? Check out our cheese slicing range.
​Wanli ultrasonic cheese (food) slicer will be able to install easily in your current production system.
If some trouble was happened at ultrasonic equipment, the ultrasonic generator output the error signal to customer's PLC. The system can detect the trouble and stop the system immediately.

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cheese mozzarela ultrasonic cutting machine

It uses 4-axis servo driver system, can be applied to steel slat type of cake production line, with the advantage of high output, continuous cutting, convenient operation, automatic tracking, low failure rate, and highly automated, which make it can achieves 180 cuts/minute

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