Bakery Depanner Machine

It is the equipment for producing bread food. Its work is to put the already baked bread molds on the conveyor chain conveyor into the depanner area. The depanner machine can take off the whole tray of bread at one time, after which the bread is conveyed to the conveying line for the next process.
Advantages of WANLI bread depanner machine.
Beautiful modeling, bright appearance, neat and hygienic, It is equipped with advanced PLC programmable control system, combined with electricity and gas, which has good stability and reduces the intermediate human contact with food, saves manpower, reduces cost and ensures the quality of food products.

Our factory in the original bread depanner machine (vacuum suction type) based on self-help research and development of bread depanner machine (mechanical needle type) bread depanner machine to solve the vacuum suction type and other four major problems: 1) vacuum suction type produces water and gas.

(1) vacuum suction type produces water and gas cohesion in the vicinity of the sucker is very large, can not extend the shelf life of food and ensure the quality of food.
(2) vacuum suction type to use high-powered fan to suck, so very power-hungry, while the mechanical crochet type mainly relies on the cylinder to drive the gear for transmission.
(3) vacuum suction type with high-powered fan to cause a very noisy work shop, while the mechanical crochet type only cylinder noise; (4) if the company's bread products later have planning to sprinkle sesame seeds, etc., because the vacuum suction type demoulding machine will suck away the spray sprinkles caused by mechanical failure.

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