Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine

The multi-functional ultrasonic cake cutting machine retains its fully automatic and multi-slice mode characteristics. The machine is convenient for stand-alone use, and it also works with traditional-type food production lines to pave the way for enterprise product development, thereby adapting to market consumer demand. The machine has 4 slicing modes, including round slice, strip slice, rectangle slice square, rectangle slice triangle, etc. The working speed and angle are adjustable.

Main features:
- Handling sticky food such as cream jam without sticking to the knife, smooth and beautiful cutting surface.

- Fully automatic product positioning is used and cutting can be done according to demand.

- Positioning and slitting of the cut product can be done according to the pre-inputted parameters.

- Fully automatic food slitting by conveyor belt, saving manpower.

- Responds to the needs of consumers in the market.

This ultrasonic cutting machine for food products can be applied to slit baked goods (cakes, bread, pizza, sandwiches, etc.) in round, rectangular and triangular shapes to achieve their ideal slitting.

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Round Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment

Ultrasonic cake cutting machine is a kind of food cutting equipment, is a kind of economic ultrasonic food cutting processing equipment. The machine has a variety of cutting modes, the operator can easily operate on the touch screen, choose the right cutting mode

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ultrasonic Caker Cutter

As a baker, you pay an awful lot of attention to the quality of your pastries. Taste and appearance should be downright perfect, even when you want to portion it. The Ultrasonic Cutter by Rens Bakery Solutions is capable of cutting both round pastries and plate pastries into very tight cuts.

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Brownie Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

The latest ultrasonic cutting machine developed by Wanli, touch screen operating system, can adjust a variety of modes, can be transverse cutting can be longitudinal cutting, high output, suitable for the production line of high-efficiency ultrasonic cutting machine

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Bakery Use Ultrasonic Sweet Cake Cutting Machine

Model: Wanlisp7-300K900L5000
Material: Titanium Alloy
Rated Voltage:220V

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Commercial Ultrasonic Sponge Cake Cutting Equipment

Commercial ultrasonic sponge cake cutting equipment also has a big bright spot. That is, during working, the knife surface is not easy to carry bacteria. And for easy moldy food, cutting section will not be infected with mold compared to other knives to be often disinfected and cleaned to facilitate health.

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Ultrasonic Automatic Cream Cake Cutting Machine

WANLI is dedicated to making the best and most innovative food machinery. One of the newer products in the market is the Ultrasonic cake cutter, a new and innovative piece of equipment.
The Ultrasonic blade on the cutter vibrate at 50 kHz preventing product sticking to the blade, this makes it the ideal machine for sticky, delicate and notoriously difficult to cut products, capable of cutting both salty and sweet items such as pies, quiches, pizzas, sponges, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, flapjacks, brownies and many other products whether ambient or frozen and gives each slice a clean fresh cut look.

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Ultrasonic Automatic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine offers clean cut of cake by using vibrations. This vibrations minimizes friction between cakes and cutter to improve productivity.
Ultrasonic Automatic food cutting machines improve every major area of food processing. Increased sanitation, efficiency and saving. Increase the production capacity of the factory. This Automatic Food Cutting Machine has a rectangular cutting mode and a slicing mode. It is used to cut various shapes of bread, cakes, sugar and other foods with rectangular shapes.

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Ultrasonic Automatic Square Sheet Cake Cutting Machine

Wanli's efficient ultrasonic cutting tools allow companies in the food industry to increase their performance and improve their slicing operations.
The principle is simple: the edge of the vibrating knife (sonotrode) is set at a defined amplitude (30 to 100 µ) and frequency (20 or 30 kHz) as needed. It creates an acceleration of more than 105 G, which, with the help of a press that moves up and down, cuts food into portions.
Benefits of ultrasonic cutter tool machine:
- clean cuts without mess or crushing,
- compatible with soft, sticky and crumbly foods,
- self-cleaning blade,
- food does not adhere to the sides of the blade, thus preventing layers from smearing into each other,
- extremely thin, uniform layers possible with a level of tolerance that is yet unattainable with other methods,
- high throughput,
- zero crumbling and less product loss,
- much safer than all other conventional cutting methods,
- cuts through hard ingredients (walnuts, pistachios, olives, raisins, etc.) without moving them from place.

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Baking Equipment Automatic Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cake is a high capacity cutting machine for precise cutting of circular and rectangular product slices.
Wanli ultrasonic cutting machine outstanding, high-quality cutting, high-quality materials, cutting reliability, high cutting accuracy. The machine is due to the unique technology and the servo system thus achieves maximum results for fast and precise cutting.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Soft Cake Cutting Equipment

Automatic ultrasonic slicing machine, designed for cutting and slicing of rectangular products and very suitable for smaller and medium size companies.
This machine is equipped with an ultrasonic system with high-quality titanium blades that used to accomplish the best slicing results.
The cleaning unit takes care of cleaning and disinfection. This means safe and automatic cleaning of the blades without interruption of the slicing process.
Beautifully shaped products, less slicing waste, safe cleaning and more profit. Make it all with the Ultrasonic slicing machine!

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Automatic Ultrasonic chocolate cake Cutting Cutter

Our ultrasonic cutting blades, ultrasonic knifes, ultrasonic horns or sonotrodes are increasingly used in the food industry within food processing machines either for ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic slicing, ultrasonic portioning or ultrasonic dicing food such as : cheese slicing, pastry cutting, cake portioning, pie slicing, servings cutting, deli portioning, meat cutting, bacon slicing or even frozen food cutting.

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Automatic Ultrasound square cake Cutting Machine

We are specializing in producing ultrasound cutting machine used in the food field. With the rich experience and professional produce, our products' quality always meets the high standard requirements of our customers. We are very expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with your company in the near future.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Equipment

Our ultrasonic cutters for the food industry guarantee clean and precise slicing. All of this without affecting the homogeneity of the food product in any way whether it may be soft or containing fats, sugars, honey, creams and or chocolate, as it is common with desserts and confectionery.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Mousse Cake Cutting Machine

Model: Wanlisp4-300K900L3500
Material: Titanium Alloy
Rated Voltage: 220V
1.The device has two cutting modes: cut rectangle and slice mode.
2.Working speed and angle parameters are adjustable.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Brownie Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cake is a high capacity cutting machine for precise cutting of circular and rectangular product slices.
Wanli ultrasonic cutting machine outstanding, high-quality cutting, high-quality materials, cutting reliability, high cutting accuracy. The machine is due to the unique technology and the servo system thus achieves maximum results for fast and precise cutting.

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Ultrasonic Ice Cream Cake Cutting Machine

Now the cake has become a part of daily life, the right amount of cake is also good for the human body.
While pursuing cake taste, people usually choose more exquisite and beautiful cakes. So how are these delicate and beautiful cakes cut out? Maybe you can find the answer by looking at the video below.

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