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Ultrasonic cutters have the following characteristics, they do not stick to the knife during operation; they do not deform the food, and the cut surface is very neat (such as cakes, soft breads, and other easily deformable foods). It could also be controlled by CNC, and could have high output in the production line cutting.

Ultrasonic food cutting machine also has a big bright spot. That is, during working, the knife surface is not easy to carry bacteria.  And for easy moldy food, cutting section will not be infected with mold compared to other knives to be often disinfected and cleaned to facilitate health.

Our company strictly follows the principle of "Quality First, Reputation First", upholding the tenet of "winning by quality, gaining honor by honesty." With good reputation, high-end product quality, and excellent service, we keep our products lasting. Our products have been recognized and supported by domestic and foreign distributors, and exported to Europe and the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania and other countries and regions.

My Services

Robotic Solutions

Wanli's expert team has accumulated rich experience in food machinery technology. By providing customized robot solutions, it has successfully helped customers in various fields reduce costs and increase benefits.

Provide customized services

With innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and customized services, Wanli supports the development of customers in an all-around way, meets the needs of various cake-cutting or cake decorations, and helps customers achieve sustainable growth.

R & D team

The WANLI R&D team has made outstanding contributions to the success of the enterprise in many aspects, such as leading the research and development direction of science and technology, and establishing cooperation with top universities and enterprises.



What Our Clients Say


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“I am absolutely happy with my purchase and the service. The quality is superb! Everything was perfect!”

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"We have it all set up now and it works very well. The build quality is great and machine is very robust. We are extremely happy."