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Main Products:Chocolate Making Machine,Candy Making Machine,Cereal Bar Making Machine,Biscuit Making Machine,Bread Making Machine

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Automatic Ultrasonic Cookies Slicing Machine

This is compact slicer machine with conveyor belt, it can meet the requirements of factory and baking home for high-speed continuous cutting machine, its cut speed can up to 180 cuts/minute, can cut kinds of products such as cake, bread, cookies, nougat, candy, cheese, protein bar and so on.

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High Speed Industrial Ultrasonic Cutter Cookies

WANLI Ultrasonic Industrial Cutter Cookies
Ultrasonic cutter cookies can cut up to 60 times per minute with high cutting efficiency, flat cutting surface and consistent cutting size. Suitable for small and medium-sized biscuit factory. This technology can be used to cut or process nearly any food product imaginable. Ultrasonic cutting helps reduce waste and protects the shape of the product far better than other cutting systems.

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Cookies Biscuits Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

This high-capacity ultrasonic cutter is designed for food slicing with a cutting speed of 110 knives per minute, accuracy of 1.5 mm.
The size of the cut product can be adjusted according to actual production conditions, and the cutting which can be entered into the computer system beforehand.

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Cookies Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic biscuit cutter is designed for handmade cookies.It can cut soft and sticky materials with microscope waves reducing coefficient of friction to the minimum. Without damaging the shape and structure, ultrasonic cutter is suitable for soft materials with hard ingredients

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Cookies Ultrasonic Bakery Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic food cutting machine is perfect for cutting products that are sticky, jelly and both hard and delicate products. It can cut all Indian sweets & Bakery products etc. It is Completely programmable touch control panel, it is capable of cutting with or without a container.

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