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Ultrasonic Bakery Cutting Machine

WANLI MACHINERY Ultrasonic Food Cutting Machines applying its own ultrasonic cutting components. We provide stand-alone machines for food production and conveyorized machines or in-line machine for high production.

We manufacture WANLI MACHINERY ultrasonic cutting machines for frozen cakes, pizza, bread and for many other products. All our WANLI machines are driven solely by servomotors,  fast and precise because of unique servo technology. A high quality safety system prevents access of the cutting area during operation. Advanced software to set product parameters using the icons on the touchscreen.

Depending on the temperature, height and characteristics of the product to be cut, different models of ultrasonic cutting machines are manufactured to meet a variety of different production needs. The materials of our ultrasonic blade is from Germany, It is made of TC11D, Titanium Alloy. This ensures more durability and less maintenance of the device.

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Bakery Depanner Machine

The model WANLISP2205 depanner from gently picks up products from baking trays and places them directly onto a conveyor belt, most commonly for transfer to the packaging system. The unit can be used to depan a wide range of products, including cakes, pies and croissants etc.

The WANLISP2205 depanner comprises a solid frame that supports a motorized, sliding head. The head can be fitted with needles, suction cups to directly depanner a wide range of products from their trays or conveyor belt.

WANLISP2205 Featuring the reliability for which is renowned, the unit is built to maximize productivity. Robust mechanics and the ability to simultaneously depanner more products from a greater number of trays equates to increased capacity. For high speed requirements the machine can also be supplied with servo-motors, which enable even higher precision pick and place, and gentler manipulation of products.

Bakery Depanning Production Line

The model WANLISP2205PLUS bakery depanning production line is to put the baked cake mold on the conveyor chain and enter the de-panning area. The bakery d

epanner machine can take off the whole plate of cakes at one time, and then the cakes are transported to the ultraviolet conveyor line for the next process.

WANLISP2205PLUS bakery depanning production line is a system able to pick-up cupcakes and muffins from the pan and transfer them to the packaging line. Depanning machine provides advantages in terms of time optimization, thanks to the pick-up of the product in motion, the possibility of handling products of different sizes, and a rapid product type change.

The WANLISP2205 automatic cake depanning machine automatically removes the baked cakes from the baking tray or mold. According to the different requirements of food and baking pan, the depanning machine can be customized into vacuum suction type, needle grab type, and shovel type.

Food Curved Conveyor Machine

WANLISP2206 PVC belt conveyor is suitable for all kinds of manufacturing plants, food and beverage factories, belt material can be selected from PP/POM according to the products transported, the dimensions and volts can be customized.

The model WANLISP2206 Food Curved Conveyor Machine the length, width, height,and degree of curvature can be customized, strong load bearing capacity, not easy ageing and high strength.

Automatic Bread Peeling And Cutting Machine

The model Wanlisonic-800K Toast-skin peeling machine is a new model specially designed for toast bread products. By using the blade chain, the skin can be easily and quickly peeled off in a stable condition. And yet the machine is adjustable to the peeling thickness as requested. It is safety-oriented, and it enables the workers to operate the machine easily and safely.

The model Wanlisonic-800K Toast Peeling Machine which is perfect to cut four sides of toast and the conveyor can convey the toast smoothly. It saves lots of labor time.Also, it can connect with the packing machine to become an automatic production line. It is definitely efficient and good equipment.

Technical Features

1.The machine could continuously let the toast move forward; flip which reaches the goal of automatic production.The peeling device could cut the toast with smooth surface.

2.Made with stainless steel this is with strong structure and durable.

Cake Depositor Machine

The WANLISP2202 Cake filling machine/ Cake depositor are suitable for making small cakes. You put paste of cakes into the filling hopper, and set the feeding position, and then machine feeds filling in cups automatically.WANLI Cake Depositor Machine is for making variety products such as birthday cakes, cupcakes, pancakes etc. It is a good helpful machine for cakes making convenient.

The conveyor belt is equipped with a sensor which can response to each tray.

When the electric eye responses the tray, it feeds filling automatically.

You can set quantities in each tray, and adjust the distance among cups.

Technical Features:

1.Filling rollers with Fiber-Reinforced Plastics gel round gears to abate the air bubbles of cake dough.

2.Touch type control screen with function of setting memory data.

3.Changeable point filling or move filling to make a variety of products.

4.Switchable single-user mode and continuing operation for fitting the production flow.

Cake Decorating Machine

If you run a bakery or cake production line, an WANLISP2204 automatic cake decorating machine offers a wide range of benefits to your business. While traditionally decorative features would be applied to cakes, cookies and other products by hand, ever-growing demand means that manual decoration is no longer viable on busy production lines.

We offers a range of innovative automated cake decorating and finishing machines, helping you to keep pace in today’s production climate. With speed, accuracy and reliability all crucial requirements, our solutions promise to deliver on all levels.

Depending on your exact requirements, we can design, manufacture and install standalone cake finishing equipment, or integrated solutions to complement your existing bakery production line.

  1. This WANLISP2204 machine can be used for bread/cake etc. Put decorating liquid jam product on the surface of the bakery tray or mould tray,could deposit Z type, W type, Straight type, Spot type etc.
  2. Highly automatic control can shape bread and be linked to production line.
  3. Kinds of moulds supported, such as:round,square,rectangle, etc., based on your specific product size.
  4. Excellent spare parts components, servo motor,LCD and PLC controlling system.

Bakery Spreader Machine

This model WANLISP2203 Bakery Spreader Machine is suitable for the surface sprinkling of various specifications and models of cakes,such as walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fruit particles, powder foam and other raw materials, which can be customized based on actual production needs

The overall stainless steel design of this machine is easy to clean and simple to maintain. Suitable for cake molds of various specifications and models, and can be used for spot sprinkling or waterfall sprinklingand this machine is suitable for all kinds of food cakes: such as European-style cakes, shell cakes, soft breads, cakes and other cakes.

This WANLISP2203 Spreading/Sprinkling Machine is suitable for all dry, free flowing, Spreading materials. The Spreading material is gently deposited via a special conveyor belt with infinitely adjustable sprinkling output. All Spreading systems are manufactured completely from stainless steel material.

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