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1.Ultrasonic bakery cutting machine

A.Wanli ultrasonic cutting achieves no friction, no pressure cutting mode; B.It can cut sticky food such as cream jam smoothly and beautiful without sticking knife; C.Automatic product positioning, Omni-directional cutting according to customer’s needs; D.The cutting product can be automatically positioned and slitting according to the pre-entered parameters.

2.Bakery depositor machine

This machine has the advantages of fast production speed and high degree of automation. It can be operated by one person, stable operation, no leakage, no leakage of pulp, material saving and other advantages, suitable for all kinds of cup cakes, Swiss rolls, square cakes, jujube cake, old-fashioned chicken cake, sponge cake, whole plate cake, long cake and other products.

3.Bakery depanner machine

It will make thickness, flatness and polish lightness of the slabs to reach quality requests. Through polishing, stones will show its color, pattern and gloss.

4.Bakery decorating machine

The machine can decorate the surface of bakery products such as bread, cakes, etc. with Z-shape, X-shape, S-shape, caterpillar-shape, etc. Compared with manual decoration, the device has a higher accuracy in terms of material consumption and surface treatment. Diffuser tubes can be easily replaced to suit the desired product size. It has the advantages of fast production speed, high degree of automation, single-person operation and stable operation.

5.Cake or bread Spreader Machine

The machine has the characteristics of high production efficiency, durable stainless steel body, free from material pollution and waste that may be caused in the process of manual spreading, simple operation, convenience and safety. suitable for sprinkle sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, sugar, salt, melon seeds, walnut kernels and other edible particles on the surface of cakes, biscuits, bread, sesame chips, shortbread, hamburgers, etc.