Ultrasonic extraction of ultrasonic emulsifier is used in the extraction of effective content of Chinese medicinal materials, oil and various animals and plants with its unique advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate and short extraction time. It is an alternative to traditional extraction technology, energy-saving and environmentally friendly extraction Modern high-tech means. The superiority of ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is based on the special physical properties of ultrasonic waves, mainly through the rapid mechanical vibration waves generated by piezoelectric transducers to reduce the force between the target extract and the sample matrix to achieve solid-liquid extraction Separate.

The simple method and mechanism of ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicine and natural medicine by ultrasonic emulsifier is to add an extraction solvent (water, ethanol or other organic solvents, etc.) to the container, crush or cut the Chinese medicinal materials into granules as required, and put it into the extraction solvent ; The outer wall of the container is bonded to the transducer vibrator or sealed in a stainless steel box and thrown into the container; the ultrasonic generator is turned on, and the vibrator emits ultrasonic waves to the extraction medium. On the one hand, it can effectively break the cell wall of the medicinal materials, so that the active ingredients are in a free state and dissolved into the extraction solvent. , mixing.

The main application of ultrasonic emulsifier:

1. Ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, cell disruption, bacterial and viral tissue disruption. For example, cell extraction of cell contents.

2. Dispersion and homogenization of material particles and emulsification of products. For example, the dispersion of nanomaterials.

3. Accelerate the dissolution and accelerate the chemical reaction. For example for chemical synthesis.