400*600Mm Tray Size Cake Cutting

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Ultrasonic Knife For Cutting Cake

Ultrasonic knife for cutting cake is the first choice of many pastry shops and dessert shops.

The ultrasonic cutting does not require very sharp blade, also don't need a lot of pressure, there is no side damage and breakage at all. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration, friction is small, it is not easy to stick on the blade. The material such like the viscous and elastic material, frozen food, such as food, rubber, etc, or inconvenient to add pressure on the cutting object, it will have particularly effect.

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Automatic Chiffon Cake Bread Cutting Machine

WANLI Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Cut Cake Food

WANLI is a specialist supplier of machines to the food manufacturering industry. One of the company’s innovations is the adoption of ultrasonic cutting technology, giving best-available cut quality for products that are difficult to process using conventional methods.

Cakes, in particular, are notoriously difficult to cut reliably: machines tend to be time consuming to set up for different cake sizes, depths and portion numbers, whilst traditional cutting technologies can result in uneven, messy cuts and unacceptable levels of damaged product.

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Automatic Ultrasound square cake Cutting Machine

We are specializing in producing ultrasound cutting machine used in the food field. With the rich experience and professional produce, our products' quality always meets the high standard requirements of our customers. We are very expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with your company in the near future.

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Cake Porioning Machine

Cake Porting Equipment Introduction

Ultrasonic cake portioning machine to automatically cut slab cakes,biscuit rolls,slab cakes in trays,cheese,dough,fruit bars,round cakes and similar products.

Allow to set multiple cutting modes,including slice,or square, or triangular type.

Easy to operate,labor saving.

Open machine design for easy.

PLC control system.

Strong stainless steel machine frame.

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Bakery Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

This is an ultrasonic cutting machine for food controlled by 5-axis servo motor system, can be linked to chain slat type tunnel oven, automatic belt convey and cutting products of 600x600mm, and it equipped with automatic paper removal function(optional), and security system of security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp.

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Ultrasonic Chocolate cake Cutting Machine

Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine advantages

1. Cut with ultrasonic energy to reduce friction
2. Non-stick knife, smooth and neat incision
3. Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, including cream products can be adapted
4. Cutting temperature, high temperature, low temperature can be cut
5. Dramatically increase processing speed
6. No crumbs, no edges
7. For multi-layer product cutting, it can keep no color between layers.

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Ultrasonic Candy Cutter Cake Slitter Equipment

The ultrasonic food cutting machine (cutter) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, titanium blade and digital generator.
This ultrasonic candy cutter cake slitter machine is mainly for cutting cake, caramel treat, corn cake, rice candy, peanut brittle, nougat and other food into cube or rectangle shapes.
This ultrasonic candy cutter machine adopts cursor location design, which can cut the food by transverse vertical cutting. You just need to put the food on the machine.

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Candy Ultrasonic Cutting Slicer


High speed, high quality precision cutting

Fully programmable & configurable enabling you to cut a variety of products & portion options with just one machine

Ability to cut products at various temperatures – frozen / chilled / ambient

Perfect for delicate, soft or crumbly products that ordinarily suffer yield loss

Optimum portion control – maximum yield6.High accuracy & repeatability

Potential for yield improvements8.Easy to clean – designed with hygiene in mind9.User friendly, easy to operate solutions

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Caramel And Nougat Cutter

Industrial Caramel and Nougat Cutter Using ultrasonic you can cut pastry and sugar items, like caramel, nougat, fudge, chocolates, fruit paste and marshmallows. Perfect shapes and high productivity. Be our customer as a leader of the market … Ultrasonic technology has the following advantages in...

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Chocolate Mud Slice Machine Ultrasonic Slicing

Chocolate Mud Slice, also referred to as Mississippi mud cake or mud pie, is a type of chocolate cake made in virtually endless variations. There is no standard recipe for this cake.
The cake typically has a very moist, crumbly texture that tends not to hold its shape very well. The cake is typically fairly dense and is often made either in sheet cake form or in a bundt pan, though other options work as well.
As more consumers are seeking out healthy options, smaller portions, and less expensive treats, brownie bites have become their go-to-treat. Many customers are outfitting their Chocolate Mud Slice machines to slice both full size Chocolate Mud Slice and smaller bites with new cut patterns. It’s quick and easy to go from cutting a full-size chocolate mud slice to slicing bites by changing the product holders and program strips or recipe stored in the PLC.

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Highly Produtive Cake Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is used to cut cakes, bread, dough, candy, chocolate and other foods. Ultrasonic cutting technology is adopted, so during the use of this cutting machine, the cutting surface of the cake is neat and beautiful, and the cake shavings are not easy to stick to the knife edge.
The ultrasonic cutting machine automatically tracks the frequency of the ultrasonic drive power and tracks the frequency of the ultrasonic cutting knife in real time. The ultrasonic cutting knife works in a stable state and is suitable for long-term continuous work.
The cutting speed is fast, 60 knives per minute.
Dimensional accuracy: plus, or minus 1mm.
Hygienic and easy to clean.

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Confectionary Ultrasonic Candy Slitter

Confectionary ultrasonic slitter machines to cut a wide range of products. Cutting of rectangle, triangles and rhombuses out of sheets and cutting of pieces out of round products.

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Commercial Dough Square Cutting Machine

The Ultrasonic Square Cake Cutting Machine is high efficiency, clean and safe. With the automatic square cake cutting machine, the machine there is no waste of cake, the size and thickness of the cutting cake can be adjusted and set according to actual needs. And now it is more and more popular with the factory.

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Factory Supply Ultrasonic Cutter for Cake

The principle of factory supply ultrasonic cutter for cake is completely different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting machine uses the energy of ultrasonic wave to heat and melt the material to be cut locally, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting material.

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Flapjacks Slicing Machine

This machine is suitable for making products: peanut candy, granola bars, cereal bars, energy bars, sesame candy, and sachima. This flapjack ultrasonic slicing machine is a new designed, it is based on the priciple of ultrasonic design, this machine is professional for granola bars cutting forming, the machine has a number of new technology (patent technology), the whole work process can be completed automatically, automatic control, improve production efficiency.

The flapjack slicing machine, simple operation and easy maintenance. Low noise, safety, stability, high yield. Reduce production workers. Improve production efficiency and reduce production cost. The detailed configuration USES modern control elements. Electric appliances and pneumatic are domestic and international famous brands.

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Food Ultrasonic Slitting Machine

For dicing or slicing bread and cakes.

The length of the whole machine is 3.5M

(divided into 2 sections). Width is 0.9M.

Equipped with material rotating device.

Can cut size:600mm*600mm

Cutting speed 60 times/minute

The full set of action is driven by the Servo Motor.

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