Products Introduction:

Cookie depositor machine has the advantages of fast production speed and high degree of automation, it can be operated by one person, stable operation, no leakage, no leakage of pulp, material saving and other advantages,  suitable for all kinds of cup cakes, Swiss rolls, square cakes, jujube cake, old-fashioned chicken cake, sponge cake, whole plate cake, long cake and other products.


Main Features:

1.Cookie depositor machine by wire-cut, dropping and dropping with rotation PU conveyor belt, deflection and tension adjust by air cylinder.
2.Air cylinder and Gearbox use famous brand, Feeding and forming use Servo motor
3.Hot wind circulation for color biscuit and good taste

4.Low energy cost(save 5% energy),high output(99.99%output).
5.Optional English or other languages screen display, easy and simple operation.
6.The section where the material contact is stainless steel as the body of machine is optional and all out machine have passed the CE Standard.
7.Cookie depositor machine is fully automated and high output,and all raw materials are the best.