How fast is ultrasonic welding? Many people will ask about your ultrasonic speed and ultrasonic slitting machine. In fact, this is not a professional question. First of all, you must know the principle of ultrasonic welding. The heat generated by high-frequency mechanical vibration and friction during ultrasonic welding The need to melt the welding objects together.

A group of ultrasonic system is divided into ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer and ultrasonic die. The core part of the generator is the high-frequency electrical energy equipment, and the high-frequency electrical energy conversion device of the ultrasonic transducer of the energy source converts the mechanical energy into high frequency, and the ultrasonic mold has a conduction effect. The supersonic wave generator is based on continuous wave, and can also be controlled by the control panel to send radio waves within a certain period of time, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, etc. to control and distribute a wave.

Some plastic bag packaging machines, non-woven bags, non-woven mask machines, activated carbon bag machines, etc. are used in ultrasonic systems, while systems using continuous wave ultrasonic systems, the ultrasonic generator and the transducer electric box and the die form a set The complete ultrasonic system adds a large machine. So how fast is the ultrasonic speed of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine installed in the automatic machine system! Said the speed of the continuous wave of the ultrasonic wave above depends on your material and your welding area, such as the upper mold of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine reaches after reaching The pressure must be stopped at this time and the hair wavelength depends on the large area. The welding is directly related to the material. The welding time is adjustable. It can be 1 s to 8 s. The welding time will be affected by the best welding effect. Ultrasonic power should be considered at the same time, the area of low-power welding is naturally very low.