What is ultrasonic cutting

Cake bread ultrasonic cutting machine utilizes the ultrasonic vibration of the cutter, with low frictional resistance, the food will not be deformed due to extrusion, and it is not easy to stick to the blade, which makes up for the shortcomings of the existing cutting methods. This is especially effective for sticky foods, frozen foods, fragile foods such as cakes, candies, donkey-hide gelatin, dried fruit, butchers, etc.

Why use ultrasonic cake cutting machine to cut high efficiency

On the basis of ensuring accurate cutting, the integrity of the cutting object can be preserved to the greatest extent. The equipment consists of multiple sets of cutting knives, which are suitable for use in product lines.
Frozen products, fragile products, sticky foods, creamy products, etc. can be adapted. After cutting, the incision is fine, smooth, non-deformed, and non-colored, which improves the appearance of the product. cake bread ultrasonic cutting machine is fully automated production line, can provide processing solutions according to customer needs


Today we will introduce you a cake bread ultrasonic cutting machine, which is a desktop food cutting equipment and a new generation of economical ultrasonic food cutting and processing equipment. The machine has various cutting modes, and the operator can simply operate on the touch screen to select the most suitable cutting mode, which can handle different types of food, such as round cakes, pizzas, Nagasaki cakes, sandwiches and so on. The machine can cut 10-inch round cakes, any size rectangle, circle, slice, rectangle and triangle. In addition, it has the characteristics of small size and easy handling. There are safety gratings as protection during cutting. During the cutting process, the equipment will stop cutting in time to ensure the personal safety of the operator to the greatest extent.

This cake bread ultrasonic cutting machine

It can be used to cut baked goods (cakes, breads, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.) in circular, rectangular, triangular and other shapes to achieve the best cutting effect.
The device has 3 cutting modes, including circular and equal cutting mode, sliced ​​mode, and rectangular and square-cutting mode. Factors such as working speed and angle are adjustable. Features are as follows:
• Cutting to achieve non-contact, zero-pressure cutting processing mode.
• Handles sticky foods such as cream jams without sticking to the knife, resulting in a smooth and beautiful cut.
• With fully automatic product positioning, all-round cutting can be performed as required.
• Various cutting patterns: circle, slice, rectangle, triangle.
• Fully automatic use of conveyor belt for efficient food cutting, saving manpower.
• Small and easy to carry.
• Responding to the needs of market consumers and ensuring food hygiene and safety to the greatest extent possible.


Zhangzhou Wanli Machinery introduced Swiss technology, domestic and foreign engineers regularly conduct remote technical seminars,propose various food cutting solutions, and develop various ultrasonic projects to meet market demand.