Liquid eggs and other deep-processed products have great market development potential, and egg breaking machine help increase the added value of egg products.


In a baking enterprise, eggs are one of the essential ingredients and the demand is huge. However, in recent years, with the overall price increase of production cost factors and the increase in circulation costs, the price of eggs has generally shown an upward trend.In order to avoid market risks, more and more baking companies use mechanical production instead of traditional manual operations. In the process of processing raw materials, the production of liquid eggs has become one of the important links.

How to choose an egg breaker, and what brand of egg breaker is a good question for many companies. Let's take a look at the charm of the Wanli egg breaker and separate machine~

The egg-breaking machine is suitable for breaking fresh eggs and separating the yolk and egg white. Egg crusher for the production of fresh liquid eggs. Enable white and egg yolk separation.

This equipment can imitate the movement of the human hand, using specially designed knives, the eggs and eggshells are broken and opened, which meets the highest level of food safety and hygiene standards. The machine mimics the work of the human hand. The eggshell is cut and opened with a special knife. The hygienic standard for broken eggs is very high.

The egg breaker has the function of separating albumin from egg yolk. Wanli Egg Breaking Machine not only has excellent quality but also has excellent service. We can be on-site to provide services such as installation, testing, and delivery, and provide operator training (as required by the contract), a one-stop service to help companies obtain more benefits.