We often worry about why my bread slices keep falling out!!


At this time, someone proposed to cut the bread when it was hot so that the slag would not fall. But I believe everyone who has made bread knows that cutting the bread before it cools actually affects the cut surface, flavor and shape. The eager bread noodles become very mushy and the taste is not good.

Then someone suggested that cutting the bread after heating the knife would not leave the residue. As for the cutting size and thickness, it is not enough to buy a bread machine? Knife heating to cut bread is not only troublesome and time-consuming but also easy to wear out the knife. The bread machine cuts the bread automatically and quickly, but it does not solve the crumb problem. Of course, for home use, bread machine is a good choice, economical and applicable.


So, is there any way we can cut out the bread without flaw?

Traditional cutting uses a knife with a sharp edge to press against the material being cut. Therefore, when cutting bread, the bread will be deformed due to squeezing, falling chips, or damage. An ultrasonic food cutting machine is a type of equipment that uses ultrasonic energy for cutting. Its biggest feature is that it does not use cutting edges. Ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp population, nor does it require a lot of pressure. This is particularly effective for viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure, etc.