Mousse cake is a dessert that is even more delicious when frozen, with the addition of fruit. And in order to ensure that the jam does not stick to the knife when cutting fruit mousse cake, cutting layers, no color stringing, smooth and beautiful cutting surface. Zhangzhou Wanli has developed this high production fully automatic ultrasonic cutting machine for food products, which is capable of cutting all kinds of bakery and frozen products.



The equipment adopts fully automatic product positioning, according to the demand for all-round cutting. The product to be cut into the ultrasonic food cutting automatic machine, the equipment will be based on the pre-input parameters of the cutting product positioning, slitting, automatically complete the operation, without human intervention, thereby improving work efficiency



1. Ultrasonic food cutting machine does not stick to the knife, the cut is smooth and neat, will not be deformed and scorched
2. The use of ultrasonic technology reduces the amount of debris produced by the food during cutting, thus reducing downtime for cleaning and improving productivity.
3. Food continuous cutting, in the cutting process, food without stopping
4. Ultrasonic food cutting machine imported titanium alloy blade, durable and long-lasting

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