High-energy ultrasonic waves can assist the crystallization process in the following ways: First, it affects the formation of crystal nuclei. Because ultrasonic waves have a strong directional effect, they can supplement and strengthen the wave energy that forms critical crystal nuclei, thereby accelerating the crystallization process Secondly, by controlling the growth rate of crystals, not only can the crystals be ensured to be fine and uniform, but also to prevent the already formed crystal surface from being polluted by newly formed crystals. These effects are of great value for large-scale commercial production.


At present, the strengthening crystallization process has proved to be an effective tool to change the characteristics of many foods, such as the modification of the characteristics of dietary fat, chocolate, and ice cream.


Ultrasonic crystallization technology is another extremely valuable application in the food field, which is used to control the formation process of ice crystals in quick-frozen foods. The effect of ultrasonic waves on the materials in the freezing process will ensure the rapid and consistent formation of crystal nuclei and effectively prevent The rupture of cells and tissues caused by the growth of ice crystals avoids the problems of softening of tissue structure and outflow of cell fluid after freezing.


In addition, the cavitation effect in the ultrasonic-induced crystallization process can continuously clean the covering on the surface of the material during the freezing process, ensuring the heat transfer efficiency during the freezing process.