Because of COVID-19, the Chinese government requires that people stay at home and not go out.

In order to complete the customer's order as soon as possible, our factory, while preparing for the full epidemic prevention according to the government's requirements, calls on employees who can return to work overtime to make the guest's ultrasonic cutting machine. Thanks to the efforts of all the staff in our factory, the production was finally completed in the middle and late February. At the same time, the booking and delivery matters were arranged for the first time.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, shipping, air, land, and flights have all been reduced or even suspended. Coupled with the squeeze of shipments in the previous year, the cabins have burst into positions, making it difficult to book a cabin in the first place.

The company's foreign trade department finally found a space on March 2 by looking for multiple freight forwarding companies. After getting the guest's consent and confirmation on March 3rd, the booking will be arranged on the day. The schedule: March 7th,2020.

The ultrasonic cake cutter was finally shipped smoothly. At the same time, we always follow up the progress of the ship carrying the cargo and the progress of sending the original documents, and feedback to the guests so that the guests know and can arrange the receipt of the goods in time.

When the original document shows arrival and signing, our business informs the customer and confirms with the customer whether it is received.

We are concerned about the situation of the epidemic situation after the outbreak in the world, considering that the guest's epidemic prevention materials may be insufficient. Our factory arranged to purchase a batch of masks in March to give back and gift to customers, to help customers better protest against the epidemic.

When the estimated arrival time of the ship changes, we will inform the guests as soon as possible. At the same time, understand the epidemic situation of New Zealand with the guests, and confirm and send the masks with the guests.

After 2 days,  the ship arrived at New Zealand Port on time. We inform guests.

After 2 days, guests inform us that they have received a port notice.

After 6 days, I received feedback from guests:

"We have it all set up now and it works very well. The build quality is great and the machine is very robust. We are extremely happy."

After 2 days, the guest feedback again:

"We had the machine running well and now the conveyor is not moving but the blade still goes up and down. The speed is set correctly and we haven’t changed any settings. When I go into manual settings the belt will run when turned on. So it is not broken."

Solution: It just needed to be turned on and off and started up again.

This order was successfully handed over, thank you very much for your timely feedback and support. We Wanli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to provide customers with better machines and better services.