Industry prospects

With the continuous strengthening and implementation of industry standards, many Ultrasonic cut layer cakes manufacturers have formulated a series of stricter standards for raw materials, processing, production processes, products, and testing on the basis of industry standards to ensure high product quality. . In order to further ensure the quality of products, many baking companies have begun to communicate with food research institutions, colleges and universities and related industries for professional and technical communication when developing new products and restoring traditional product production. , packaging materials, packaging machinery and food machinery and other aspects to strengthen professional cooperation in tackling key problems, providing strong support for product innovation, product quality and output improvement, process improvement, etc. Standardize roads. As a manufacturer of Ultrasonic cut layer cakes, we must not only grasp the quality control, but also correctly guide the equipment users, how to operate the machine correctly, and how to effectively avoid unsafe factors. .

What are Ultrasonic cut layer cakes

The ultrasonic cake cutting machine utilizes the ultrasonic vibration of the cutter, and the frictional resistance is small. This is especially effective for sticky foods, frozen foods, fragile foods such as cakes, candies, donkey-hide gelatin, dried fruit, butchers, etc. The types of foods that Ultrasonic cut layer cakes can cut are: sandwich cakes, layer cakes, bread, Swiss rolls, date cakes, cream cakes, mousse cakes, donkey-hide gelatin, pizza, sachima, chocolate, cookies, cheese, various candy, etc.

Cutting principle

Ultrasonic cut layer cakes use the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves to cut products, which are called vibrating blades to a certain extent rather than static blades in the traditional sense. High-frequency ultrasonic vibration can provide a friction-free cutting surface, which can not only keep the blade clean, but also reduce the number of production downtime and improve the cutting efficiency

Why use an ultrasonic cake cutter

High cutting efficiency

On the basis of ensuring accurate cutting, the integrity of the cutting object can be preserved to the greatest extent. Ultrasonic cut layer cakes consist of multiple sets of cutting knives, suitable for use in product lines.

There are many types of cutting

Frozen products, fragile products, sticky foods, creamy products, etc. can be adapted. After cutting, the incision is fine, smooth, non-deformed, and non-colored, which improves the appearance of the product.

Can be customized according to demand

Fully automated production line, can provide processing solutions according to customer needs.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Food Cutting:

  1. The ultrasonic vibration of the cutting knife can instantly soften and melt the part of the food, which greatly reduces its strength. The frictional resistance is very small, and the slitting can be done as long as a small cutting force is applied.
  2. The material to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade. This is especially effective for cutting sticky and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to press. Like frozen cream cakes, mousses, thousand-layer cakes, and cake rolls, cutting these is like cutting tofu, which is effortless at all; and the cross-section is smooth, not rough, and has a high degree of regularity.
  3. Ultrasonic cut layer cakes are very different from ordinary cutting. On the basis of ensuring accurate cutting, it will not cause damage to the cut product and maintain its integrity.
  1. The ultrasonic cutting machine has low noise during the cutting process and will not cause harm to the human body.
  2. Ultrasonic cut layer cakes have the characteristics of low friction, and there is little adhesion when cutting food, thus keeping the blade clean and reducing cleaning costs.
  3. Ultrasonic food cutting has high precision, the cutting knife is small in size, convenient and flexible, and can realize cutting at any angle and obtain the ideal food shape.

The newly upgraded Ultrasonic cut layer cakes have high efficiency, accurate precision and no chip removal, which can reduce the cost of manual contamination of the product and provide processing solutions according to customer needs.