Ultrasonic cutting is an innovative food cutting technology that ensures increased productivity and the best quality of food slices.

Ultrasound is a mechanical vibration similar to that produced by a musical instrument. They are called ultrasound because their frequencies are above the hearing range of the human ear (greater than 16 kHz). In acoustic assemblies, these pressure waves are generated by generators. This sends alternating current at the same frequency as the converter (or transducer). A transducer made of piezoelectric ceramics then converts this energy into mechanical vibrations. In ultrasound, a voltage is sent to the ceramic, which gets longer or shorter depending on the polarity of the voltage. Finally, once the vibration is generated, it is amplified and transmitted through the ultrasonic cutter to the food to be cut.

Ultrasonic cutter composition

Ultrasonic power supply, also called generator, converts 50/60hz AC voltage into high frequency electrical energy. Depending on the application, the frequency can be 20KHz, 30KHz or 40KHz. At 20KHz, the tool head (blade) vibrates 20,000 times per second.

A transducer, a sealed electromechanical device that receives electrical energy from a power source and converts it into high-frequency mechanical vibrations.

The horn, located between the transducer and the tool head (blade). Amplify or reduce the amplitude of the transducer output to deliver the appropriate amplitude to the tool head (blade).

Ultrasonic tool heads, also known as blades on cutting equipment, are each customized for a specific application.

There are several standard ultrasonic cutter models: asymmetric, wedge, parallel edge and wave index. Each is designed for a different cutting target. Baked products with layers of cream or sugar, as well as other doughs or fatty foods, can be cut in a controlled manner by ultrasound to produce visually appealing quality. The cutting geometry of the tools for longitudinal or transverse cutting is individually tailored to product requirements.

The high-frequency vibrations produced by the ultrasonic cutter help cut food because the blade penetrates the material without forcing or compressing it, and prevents the product from sticking to the cutting tool. Therefore, ultrasonic sectioning eliminates product loss and increases productivity. It ensures a better quality finish without sticking or clogging.

Ultrasonic cutting knife is especially suitable for cutting food, especially soft, frozen or fresh food, such as cheese, meat, cold meat, pastry, pastry, etc. It is used by food equipment manufacturers for Brownie cake ultrasonic cutting machine, Ultrasonic automatic swiss Roll cake cutting machine and other equipment. It also works in a variety of shapes and sizes: plates, sheets, bars, layers, rounds, blocks, breads, and more. Cheese, meat sauces, biscuits, fruit, cakes, mousses, etc.; ultrasonic slicing prevents contamination of the slicing sonotrode and provides high cutting quality for a wide variety of products. The ultrasonic cutting process is used to produce thin sheets of constant thickness without any product loss. With the support of ultrasound the product does not deform, so you can cut extremely thin pieces. The advantages of ultrasonic cutting are: It can clean the site; to ensure accuracy, maximum precision and long service life. High processing speed, energy saving and high efficiency, reducing the impact on the environment.

Due to the ultrasonic vibration, only a small amount of product residue adheres to the sonotrode, thus exhibiting a self-cleaning effect to a certain extent. In addition, the high-frequency vibration makes the initial pressure of the ultrasonic cutter during cutting lower than that of the conventional cutter. At the same time, the ultrasonic cutting blade wears less and the cutting quality is significantly better. In addition, the use of ultrasonic cutting systems has a positive impact on equipment maintenance and downtime.

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