Ultrasound is harmless and beneficial to people.And in recent years, ultrasound has been widely used in the food industry.


Actually, sound wave is one of the categories of sound, which belongs to mechanical wave. Sound wave refers to a longitudinal wave that can be felt by human ears, and its frequency range is 16hz-20khz.Sound waves are called infrasound when the frequency is below 16Hz, and ultrasonic waves when the frequency is above 20KHz.


Ultrasonic wave has the following characteristics:

  • ultrasonic wave can be effectively transmitted in gas, liquid, solid, solid melt and other media.
  • ultrasonic wave can transfer strong energy.
  • ultrasonic wave will produce reflection, interference, superposition and resonance.
  • when ultrasonic wave is propagated in liquid medium, it can produce strong impact and cavitation on the interface.


Ultrasound is a member of the sonic family.

Sound wave is the propagation form of the mechanical vibration state (or energy) of an object.Vibration is the back and forth motion of a particle near its equilibrium position.For example, when a drum is hit, it vibrates up and down. This vibration travels in all directions through the medium of air.


Ultrasonic wave refers to the sound wave whose real frequency is more than 20KHz, which cannot be heard and felt by human in the natural environment.


The concept of using ultrasound therapy:

Ultrasound therapeutics is an important part of ultrasound medicine.During the ultrasonic treatment, the ultrasonic energy is applied to the diseased part of human body to achieve the purpose of treating the disease and promoting the body's recovery.


In the world, ultrasound is widely used in diagnostics, therapeutics, engineering, biology and other fields.The home ultrasound therapy machine belongs to the application of ultrasound therapy.

  • engineering applications: underwater positioning and communication, underground resource exploration, etc
  • biological applications: shearing macromolecules, bioengineering and seed processing
  • application of diagnostics: type A, type B, type M, type D, double work and color doppler ultrasound, etc
  • therapeutic applications: physical therapy, cancer treatment, surgery, extracorporeal lithotripsy, dentistry, etc.


Ultrasound is not only widely used in medicine, in recent years, also widely used in the food industry.


ultrasonic cutting machine

ultrasonic cake cutting     The incision is uniform, neat and smooth.

The effect of ultrasonic cutting cake

For example, ultrasonic cutting food: do not need a sharp blade, do not need a lot of pressure, will not cut the material edge breakage, damage.Cutting knife in ultrasonic vibration, friction resistance is very small, the material is not easy to stick on the blade.For frozen, sticky, elastic food cutting effect is obvious, especially effective.Cutting at the same time, the cutting part has a fusion effect.The cutting area is perfectly hemmed in to prevent loose food tissue from being cut.Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of equipment which USES wave energy for cutting and machining.


Traditional cutting: traditional cutting USES a knife with a sharp edge to press the food to be cut.The pressure is concentrated on the cutting edge, and the pressure is very large, exceeding the shear strength of the food being cut, and the molecular bond of the food is pulled apart and cut open.Because food is pulled apart by strong pressure, the cutting edge of the cutting tool should be very sharp, and the material itself has to bear a lot of pressure.For soft, elastic food cutting effect is not good, for sticky food more difficult.


Therefore, compared with traditional cutting, ultrasonic cutting of food benefits are obvious, which is also the reason why this method is widely used in the food industry.In addition to ultrasonic cutting of food, other applications in the food industry are: ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic assisted extraction, ultrasonic sterilization, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic crystallization, ultrasonic drying, and so on.