1. Ultrasonic Cutting

Ultrasonic cutting equipment is mainly used in the food industry for cheese, candy, bakery products and convenience foods. The actual cutting effect is affected by the cutting edge's geometric size, vibration direction, amplitude and vibration frequency.In the actual production of food according to the needs of the fixed location cutting, automatic completion of the operation, greatly improve the work efficiency.With the most economical purchase, realize the profit maximization.The ultrasonic food cutting system USES high-frequency wave vibration to quickly process food, eliminating downtime caused by continuous cleaning of traditional cutting blades.The ultrasonic food cutting system provides a new way to cut, slice and automatically process different foods, streamlining production, minimizing waste and minimizing maintenance costs.

ultra sonic cutter machine

ultra sonic sandwich cutting machine

2. Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing

3. Ultrasonic Extraction

4. Ultrasonic Controlled Crystallization

5. Ultrasonic Sterilization

6. Ultrasonic Drying

7. Ultrasonic Ripening And Aging Of Wine

8. Ultrasonic Emulsification

9. Ultrasonic Demulsification And Separation

10. Ultrasonic Thawing

11. Ultrasonic Defoaming

12. Ultrasonic Atomization

13. Ultrasonic Assisted Filtration/Screening

14. Ultrasonic Tenderizing Of Meat Products

15. Ultrasonic Extrusion Molding