Basic composition is the ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic cutting machine cutting knife head (tools), the amplitude drive power ultrasonic drive power supply converts mains into high frequency alternating current, high voltage loss to the ultrasonic transducer ultrasonic transducer in fact is equivalent to an energy conversion device, it can transform input energy into mechanical energy, namely the ultrasonic manifestation is the transducer in the longitudinal adjustable telescopic motion frequency is equal to drive back and forth for power supply for the high frequency alternating current frequency amplitude is the role of a fixed the ultrasonic vibration system, 2 it is to amplify the output amplitude of transducerCutting knife (tools) on the one hand, to further enlarge the amplitude, focused ultrasound is the output of ultrasonic on the other hand, like blade of cutting knife, focused ultrasound energy input to the cutting material cutting parts the parts under the action of large ultrasonic energy, instant softening melting, intensity drops greatly at this point, as long as the small cutting force, can achieve the goal of cutting materials.

Ultrasonic cutting principle is through the ultrasonic generator converts 50/60 hz current 20, 30 or 40 KHZ electrical energy is converted into the same frequency of mechanical vibration, then the mechanical vibration can change amplitude modulator through a device to the vibration of the cutting knife cutting knife will receive energy transfer to stay cutting cutting surface of workpiece, in the area, the vibration energy is by activating the rubber molecules, open the way to cut the rubber molecular chain in short is the use of ultrasonic energy, will be the local heating of cutting material melt, under pressure from the manual together materials to achieve the purpose of cutting apartCutting items include ABS PE acrylic and other plastic materials;Nylon non-dust cloth corrugated board non-woven thick board natural and synthetic rubber and other products.


Features of ultrasonic knife cutting and dividing machine:

1. The incision is smooth and reliable.
2. Accurate edge cutting and no deformation.
3. The fabric is not warped, fuzz, silk, wrinkle, can automatically seal the edge.
4.Food cutting speed is fast, not stick to the knife.