What is Ultrasonic Sweet Cutting Machine?

Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine is a new type of food processing technology in food application. Using advanced ultrasonic cutting technology, the knife body generates ultrasonic vibration when cutting food, and the food is cut off. There is no food residue on the knife body, and the incision is neat. This machine is suitable for cutting many kinds of food, especially sticky food such as chocolate, cake, marshmallow, toffee, etc. It can cut cakes, pies, cheeses, pizzas, breads, nuts and candies and more. Ultrasonic cutting food has more advantages and features than traditional methods.

Advantage as follows:

  1. Reduce cutting resistance and make the cutting surface clean and beautiful;
  2. The cutting knife has a longer service life;
  3. Larger cutting volume and higher output;
  4. It can greatly reduce the downtime due to cleaning and maintenance;

Use of pizza cut:

Pizza was originally a food that originated in Italy. It is very popular around the world because of its attractive color and flavor. The widely used pizza wheel knife needs to roll back and forth when cutting the pizza to completely cut the cheese on the pizza. At this time, the cheese is easy to loosen and deform, and the cheese, vegetables, meat and sausage sprinkled on the pizza are very easy to stick to the knife. Pizza is easy to be cut and deformed, which greatly affects the aesthetics. The scrap rate of the finished product is high, and the pizza wheel needs to be stopped frequently for cleaning, so the cutting efficiency is low. For those who like to eat pizza, it must be unacceptable for a knife to cut the tempting pizza into unrecognizable pieces. The ultrasonic food cutting equipment BDS300 developed by BDS ultrasonic with a frequency of 20khz and a knife width of 300mm has obvious advantages over traditional pizza wheel cutters in terms of cutting quality and cutting efficiency. Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine is a tool that applies ultrasonic waves to a knife made of titanium alloy, which causes the knife to vibrate at high frequency. The actual contact between the knife and the pizza during cutting is less than that of the ordinary pizza wheel, and the natural cutting resistance also increases. Not only does it not need to cut back and forth when cutting, but all kinds of pizza can be perfectly cut with just one knife, ensuring that the cut pizza will not be deformed, and the cheese and vegetable sausage will not stick to the knife when cutting the pizza, eliminating the trouble of frequent cleaning of the knife .

Chocolate cutting:

Chocolate energy bars, such as energy bars and Snickers bars, are now popular on the market to quickly replenish energy. The ingredients of chocolate energy bars are mainly chocolate, peanuts, grains, etc. Chocolate energy bars are highly viscous. When cutting with traditional food cutting devices, the incisions of the chocolate energy bars are prone to breakage and slag drop, which requires frequent shutdown and cleaning, resulting in low production efficiency. In addition, traditional food cutting devices tend to stick to the knife when cutting viscous food such as chocolate energy bars. In order to improve the cutting efficiency of chocolate energy bars, in the existing assembly line, multiple operators are required to arrange chocolate energy bars and knives, which requires a lot of labor costs. In order to solve the problems existing in the traditional food cutting device when cutting chocolate energy bars, the Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine applies high-frequency vibration on the titanium alloy ultrasonic blade, so that the cutter and the chocolate energy bar are in intermittent contact, thus solving the problem of traditional food. Problems with cutting equipment. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment does not require sharp edges and does not require a lot of cutting force. Therefore, the chocolate energy bar will not be dropped or damaged. At the same time, because the frictional resistance of the Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine during vibration is extremely small, the chocolate energy bar is not easy to stick to the blade, which basically eliminates the phenomenon of sticking to the knife.

Sachima cut:

At present, companies that mainly produce Shaqima generally use Shaqima mechanical cutting machines to replace manual cutting for automatic assembly line production. Although Shaqima mechanical cutting equipment greatly reduces the cutting time compared with manual cutting, Shaqima Machinery The cutting machine has low working efficiency, low technical content, low reliability, and cannot guarantee the cutting quality. Therefore, although it is an automatic assembly line production, at least 3 workers are arranged on the assembly line, who are respectively responsible for alignment, sorting and selection, so as to improve the cutting output and cutting quality. In addition, the cutting blade needs to be stopped frequently for cleaning, and it is often damaged. The company spends a lot of money on tool maintenance every year.

In order to improve the cutting quality and cutting efficiency, BDS introduces ultrasonic waves into the Sachima cutting process because the traditional Sachima cutting machine has problems such as uneven cutting edge, sticking to the knife, and needing to stop for cleaning. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to cut products, so the frictional resistance generated by ultrasonic food cutting equipment when cutting sachima is very small, so when cutting sachima, it is effortless and does not stick to the knife. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment is used for the cutting of squares after Shaqima shaping, replacing the traditional Shaqima mechanical cutting machine, and solving the problems of unevenness, different sizes, incomplete appearance and sticking knives caused by the traditional Shaqima cutting machine, Visible Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine. Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine uses titanium alloy to make ultrasonic blades, which has the advantage of never wearing out, saving a lot of blade maintenance costs for the company. In addition, the ultrasonic food cutting equipment has the advantages of simple operation, time saving, labor saving, one-time cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting, and consistent product size and gram weight standards.

Ejiao paste cutting:

The traditional cutting machine has a simple structure and is basically a vertical machine. It is generally composed of a frame, a cutter, a power transmission device, etc. The cutter will move up and down to cut during operation. If the traditional cutting machine is directly used to cut Ejiao, the cutter will often cause the Ejiao paste to be broken or unevenly sliced during the cutting process, and the cutting efficiency is also relatively low.

The technical problem to be solved by the new ultrasonic food cutting device developed by ultrasonic is to provide a donkey-hide gelatin slicing device. The Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine can efficiently and safely cut the donkey-hide gelatin paste, and avoid the gelatin paste from being squeezed to the greatest extent during the cutting process. broken, and the slices are uniform, and the cutting efficiency is high. In order to solve the above technical problems, the ultrasonic wave acts on the blade through the energy of the ultrasonic wave, and reduces the frictional resistance on the cutting surface through the high frequency vibration of 40kHz or 20kHz. This low friction makes the ultrasonic food cutting equipment have significant advantages. The cutting knife cuts the gelatin paste smoothly, so that the cutting surface of the gelatin paste is clean, beautiful and not deformed. In addition, ultrasonic food cutting equipment can quickly bisect cutting, and the blade is not easy to damage. Ultrasonic can provide a variety of ultrasonic food cutting equipment. According to the actual production conditions of customers, the factors that may affect ultrasonic cutting are studied, and specific parameters are determined to meet the optimal cutting performance required by customers in the production process. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment not only has obvious advantages in cutting Ejiao paste, but also has a wide range of applications, which can be used for cake cutting, cheese cutting, bread cutting, etc.

Ultrasonic soft cheese slicing machine equipment series is the Ultra ultrasonic cutting single machine, which is suitable for cake workshops and food factories with small production volume.