The ultrasonic food-cutting equipment is composed of ultrasonic transducer, shell, horn, titanium alloy knife and numerical control driving power supply. Ultrasonic food cutters are an innovation in food processing. The ultrasonic food cutting machine vibrates at a high frequency of 40kHz or 20kHz, which reduces the frictional resistance on the cutting surface. This low friction enables the cutting knife to cut food smoothly, leaving the food cutting surface clean, beautiful and free from deformation. Additionally, ultrasonic cutting reduces food fragmentation during the cutting process. This reduces more downtime to clean up your production system. Ultrasonic food knives can also be easily installed in your current production system to help you make better cuts.


Product advantages

● Multi-layer product cutting, which can keep the color between layers

● Advantages of ultrasonic cutting: fine incision, no chipping, no sticking to the knife

● Multifunctional type, composed of multiple sets of cutting knives, suitable for use in product lines.

● Wide range of cutting objects, suitable for frozen products and cream products

● Product cutting models can be customized according to customer needs


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