Ultrasonic technology improves the comprehensiveness of food machine equipment

Ultrasonic technology improves the comprehensiveness of food machine equipment

Ultrasound is a high-frequency sound wave with good directionality and strong penetration ability. It can be used for cutting, polishing, cleaning, crushing, sterilization, accelerated dispersion, homogenization, emulsification and other processes. At present, ultrasonic technology has been widely used in food equipment machinery manufacturing and food processing industries. It not only optimizes conventional food equipment, so that the equipment can better meet high-quality production needs, but also drives the development of the industry. New blueprint.


In food production and processing, it usually involves washing, slicing, crushing, homogenizing and other processes. Cleaning is mainly to remove the dirt, hair and other contaminants on the materials to ensure the safety of subsequent food production and processing; slicing is to cut and cut some products to achieve multiple shapes of products to meet the needs of process production ; Crushing, processing materials with larger diameters to granular materials with smaller diameters to meet the needs of subsequent processing; homogenization is to make the materials more uniformly mixed with each other.


Nowadays, under the rapid development of the food industry, equipment dedicated to cleaning, slicing, crushing, homogenizing and other processes has appeared on the market, such as washing machines, slicing machines, pulverizers, and homogenizing machines. Welcome. However, as the market's requirements for product processing quality become more and more stringent, it also puts forward high requirements for conventional food processing equipment. For example, while the cleaning machine removes the dirt on the surface of the material, it also needs to improve the cleaning efficiency and avoid damage to the product.




As for the ultrasonic slicer, the ultrasonic technology is used as the ultrasonic cleaner. The difference is that the machine is equipped with a multi-axis standard control system, which can perform food slicing and circular equal-division processing. Due to the good directionality of the ultrasound, the slicing accuracy is high. Only by setting the ultrasonic parameters and other working speed and angle parameters, you can ensure the uniform size of food cutting standards, beautiful appearance, and improve the cutting efficiency, reduce corner waste and save raw materials.




Not only that, according to the introduction of the technical staff, the interaction between the feed liquid particles can be caused by the ultrasonic technology, which will suddenly increase the temperature of the liquid, emulsify the two incompatible liquids, and accelerate the dissolution of the solute.

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