In the past few decades, cake production has changed from manual to machine processing. Cakes produced by machines taste better and are cheaper. The ultrasonic slicer is the latest cake slicer, and its appearance has brought new opportunities to cake slice production.

The principle of ultrasonic cutting machine

The principle of the ultrasonic cutting machine is to cut objects by emitting ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves are reflected on the surface of the object and propagate along the surface of the object. When the ultrasonic waves encounter obstacles, they will be reflected back and generate vibrations. These vibrations cause the air to vibrate, creating ultrasonic waves. These ultrasonic waves are transmitted through the two ends of the object to the middle, and create a pressure difference in the middle. This pressure difference will flow out through the central outlet of the object. Then the ultrasonic wave is focused to the cutting point, so as to precisely locate the cut object and realize the non-damaging treatment of the object. The ultrasonic cutting machine is mainly composed of: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic generating tube, ultrasonic generating host and various auxiliary equipment. Among them: the ultrasonic generating tube is the core component of the ultrasonic cutting machine. It has two functions, one is to remove granular impurities such as tiny air bubbles (bubbles) in the material to be cut; the other is to remove solid impurities in the liquid, such as oil residue and residue. The working principle of the ultrasonic generating tube is to use the fluidity of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid medium to increase and decrease the density of the liquid, increase or decrease the temperature of the liquid, and change the phase state of the liquid at the same time. Therefore, using this device can eliminate frictional resistance between inhomogeneous substances in the liquid and solid particles, improve its fluidity, and separate the solid particles from the liquid.

Features of ultrasonic cutting machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a machine that uses ultrasonic technology to cut materials. It has the following characteristics:

1. Cutting speed is fast. Because ultrasonic waves can transmit energy quickly, the cutting speed of ultrasonic dicer is much faster than that of traditional cutting methods.

2. High cutting precision. Because ultrasonic waves can act directly on the material, the precision when cutting is also high.

3. Cutting into pieces will not damage the material. Since ultrasound is non-invasive, it does not cause any damage to the material during the cutting process.

4. No noise during cutting. Due to the use of ultrasound as a tool, it does not cause any noise during the cutting process.

Application field of ultrasonic cutting machine

There are three main application fields of ultrasonic cutting machine, namely construction engineering, mechanical processing, and parts cutting.

In construction projects, ultrasonic block cutters can be used to cut large exposed concrete, brick and cement slabs. Through the high energy output of the ultrasonic wave, the noise and dust generated during the cutting process can be effectively reduced, and the work efficiency can be improved at the same time.

In mechanical processing, ultrasonic cutting machine can be used to process parts of various shapes. Through the cutting process of parts, the output can be effectively increased and the processing quality can be improved.

In parts cutting, ultrasonic dicing machines can be used to cut various materials. High-quality parts can be obtained through selective cutting of materials.

Manufacturer of ultrasonic cutting machine

There are three main types of manufacturers of ultrasonic cutting machines, namely ultrasonic cutting machines, ultrasonic cutting machines, and ultrasonic tamping machines. The working principles of these three types of ultrasonic cutting machines are different.

The ultrasonic cutting machine cuts the material with high-speed ultrasonic waves, while the ultrasonic tamping machine crushes the material with high-speed ultrasonic waves before cutting, and the ultrasonic dicing machine directly cuts the material into pieces with high-speed ultrasonic waves. There are three main types of manufacturers: Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of Japan, BMG of Germany and Wanli Machinery of China.

Price of ultrasonic cutting machine

The price of the ultrasonic cutting machine is relatively high, generally around 10,000 yuan. However, due to its high efficiency, the use of ultrasonic dicer can greatly speed up the work schedule, so it has a clear competitive advantage. During the production process of the ultrasonic cutting machine, the ultrasonic waves will generate a certain amount of heat for the chips, so that the chips and the cut materials will be melted and mixed together, so as to achieve the effect of separation and drying, and at the same time, it will not pollute the environment. With the popularity of Industry 4.0 and environmental awareness, ultrasonic cutting machines will be more widely used. The ultrasonic cutting machine adopts imported motor with stable performance, low noise and convenient operation. It is mainly suitable for ultrasonic cutting processing of plastic particles, paper and other materials. The principle of this equipment is to cut off the fine particles on the workpiece by a high-speed rotating cutter, and then dry the workpiece by ultrasonic waves. At present, there are very few domestic manufacturers of this product, and most of them are imported from abroad, so the quality is uneven. Although the price of the ultrasonic cutting machine is relatively expensive, because of its extremely low working efficiency, the quality of the products produced by it is guaranteed and the price is affordable, so it is favored by everyone.

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