Cleaner cutting

It always produces clean, uniform cutting surfaces, and there is no displacement when cutting multilayer composite food (sandwiches) and nuts.

Precision cutting difficult products

Easily slice products, such as natural food cakes, without distortion or breakage, as well as hard bread and bagels.

Higher productivity leads to greater throughput

Ultrasound provides faster cutting and cutting speeds than traditional blade systems, and smaller incisions help reduce waste.

Reduce cleaning downtime

Ultrasonic systems provide longer operating times during the cleaning cycle and are easier to clean, thereby reducing cleaning downtime by 70% to 90%.

Quality materials meet the highest standards in the food industry

The equipment is made of stainless steel and titanium materials to ensure improved hygiene, safety and processing performance.

Minimal surface friction can extend blade life

Ultrasonic tool head blades are sharper than stationary blades, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance.


The ultrasonic cutting system has been carefully designed and processed to meet the high-performance operation day after day in the harshest processing environment.