After years of development, Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine is currently widely used in the food industry and has achieved good results. The foods that can be cut by Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine mainly include: sandwich cake, layer cake, bread, Swiss roll, date cake, cream cake, mousse cake, pizza, Shaqima, chocolate, cookies, cheese, various candies, etc. .

Ultrasonic food cutters use the vibration of high-frequency waves to process food quickly, eliminating the downtime caused by continuous cleaning of traditional cutting blades. The ultrasonic food cutting machine provides a new way to cut, slice, and automatically turn to process a variety of different foods, making the production process streamlined, with less waste and low maintenance costs.



The Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine produced by wanlisonic uses ultrasonic energy to generate 20,000 high-frequency vibrations per second to create a surface with almost no friction between the blade and the food, so it eliminates problems such as sticking and extrusion, and can cut squares, Triangular, prismatic, scalloped and round, and capable of cutting a variety of baked and frozen products. The Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine adopts fully automatic product positioning, and can perform all-round cutting according to needs. The cut products are placed in the ultrasonic food cutting automatic equipment. The equipment will position and cut the cut products according to the parameters input in advance, and automatically complete the operation without human intervention, thereby improving work efficiency.



The equipment has a self-developed six-axis control system; it can cut all kinds of strip food (dough, long cake cake, long candy, chocolate, etc.), rectangular food (rectangular cake, marshmallow, Turkish delight, nougat sugar, etc.) and round foods (round cakes, pizza, pies, etc.) The combination of Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine and precision automatic mechanical structure; non-stick knife, smooth and neat incision; cutting multi-layer products can keep the gap between layers without cross-color. Compared with ordinary cutting machines, the Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine can ensure that the cake will not be deformed, crumb-free, and edges will not be broken, and the gaps between layers will not be cross-colored, which greatly improves the beauty of the classic cake cut surface. At the same time, compared with ordinary production lines, the key point of ultrasonic food slicing equipment for slicing and separating food is to ensure the accuracy of cutting size to achieve the least waste and maximize the profit.



Advantages of ultrasonic food cutting machine

1. Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine does not stick to the knife, the incision is smooth and tidy, and it will not be deformed or burnt

2. Use ultrasonic technology to reduce food fragments during cutting, thus reducing downtime for cleaning and improving production efficiency

3. The food is cut continuously, and the food does not need to stop during the cutting process

4. Ultrasonic food cutting machine imported military titanium alloy blade, durable

5. Ideal for cutting fragile, sticky, layered foods

6. Ultrasonic food cutting machine can be used in existing food processing and packaging equipment


Maintenance method

As a food machine, Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine has acidic and alkaline materials. These chemical substances will cause various degrees of corrosion to the main parts of Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine, and it is easy to make all parts There is a problem with the component equipment, so you need to do the following:

1. When the Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine is not used for a long time, please place it in a dry and ventilated place.

2. After each use, it needs to be cleaned in time to ensure that it is clean and free of food, materials, and residues.

3. Regularly oil the key parts and screws to ensure the lubrication of the parts of the Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine.




The ultrasonic cutting machine produced by Wanlisoni can cover the production lines of automatic fast cutting toast bread, cheese cake, mousse cake, cake roll, cheese and so on. The cutting equipment has a variety of mass production modes, and the high-efficiency cutting also ensures the beauty of each piece of bread! Would you like to test on Wanlisoni's Ultrasonic sponge cake cutting machine? Contact us now. We will provide you with a solution quickly!

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