Faced with various brands of round cake ultrasonic cutter with various functions, how do we choose a good one? In fact, the selection process is not complicated. The following points are the methods of purchasing a cake machine.


The shell of a qualified round cake ultrasonic cutter should be smooth and comfortable to the touch, bright in appearance, stylish in appearance, and made of food-grade environmentally friendly plastic. will be damaged.


It is recommended that you focus on the round cake ultrasonic cutter with a moderate size mold, a uniform inner coating and a certain thickness, so as to ensure that the cakes made are soft and delicious.


When choosing a round cake ultrasonic cutter, you should also pay attention to safety, and focus on whether the product has a relatively complete safety design; the minimum requirements are that the machine body is tightly manufactured, temperature controllable, good heat insulation treatment and automatic overload protection, which are related to the cake. The design of safe use of the machine is very important, and everyone must pay enough attention when purchasing products.


Round cake ultrasonic cutters sold in the market include famous brand products produced by large manufacturers and cheap products produced by small manufacturers. It is recommended that household customers try to buy high-quality household cake machines produced by famous brand manufacturers with more guaranteed quality and workmanship, so as to be more guaranteed in terms of food hygiene and operation safety.

The author will introduce the round cake ultrasonic cutter produced by Wanli Machinery. This equipment has the following advantages: the operator can simply operate on the touch screen, select the appropriate cutting mode, and can process different types of food, such as round cakes , pizza, Nagasaki cakes, sandwiches and more. The round cake ultrasonic cutter can cut 10-inch round cakes in various cutting modes: round, sliced. In addition, it has the characteristics of small size and easy handling. It handles viscous foods such as cream jam and other sticky foods without sticking to the knife. The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful; it adopts automatic product positioning and can be cut according to needs. During the slitting process, the operation can be completed automatically and the work efficiency can be increased.

Round cake ultrasonic cutter maintenance method:

  • Every time you make a cake, sometimes the mixing knife will stick the flour on the barrel shaft, so it is not easy to take it out. If you don’t take it out for cleaning, it will be used again next time, which will cause great damage to the bread machine and the barrel. . The correct way to use it is: after each bread is made, take out the bread bucket and the mixing knife and clean it. If the mixing knife sticks to the barrel shaft, soak it in warm water for about 20 minutes, so that the mixing knife can be easily removed. Out.
  • After cleaning the bread machine with warm water, apply a little cooking oil on the bread barrel shaft, and then apply one more cooking oil before each use. When pouring oil, it falls down along the barrel shaft, which can not only enhance the lubricity of the barrel shaft, but also prolong the life of the barrel and the stirring knife.
  • After each bread is made, all accessories and the appearance and inner cavity of the bread machine should be cleaned and dried in time and installed in place. Only in this way can the bread machine be well maintained and the life of the bread machine will also be affected. has seen an increase.
  • When the bread machine has abnormal conditions such as heat, be sure to let the bread machine stop and cool down before using it, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the bread machine or cause the motor to burn out. After the bread machine has worked for the first time, it must wait until the bread machine is completely cooled before using it for the second time.
  • If you want to prolong the service life, you must do a good job in maintenance work. When the round cake ultrasonic cutter is not usually in use, occasionally (at least 2 times in 3 months), turn it on, let the bread machine dry, and open the lid to let the bread machine breathe.
  • When the bread maker prepares other menus such as bread, cake, jam, etc. or interrupts the menu program, please press the "Start/Stop" button first and then turn off the power after a while.