Compared with traditional cutting, ultrasonic cutting has certain advantages.

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High stability: The ultrasonic generator will generate high-frequency vibration when it is working, and it will be converted into mechanical vibration and transmitted to the cutting knife and the food, and it will be cut mechanically. Since the cutting is performed by high-frequency vibration, no sharp equipment is required, and the blade wear is also less.


Non-polluting, safe and hygienic: When using ultrasonics to cut food, the temperature of the equipment is lower than 50 degrees Celsius, and no smoke and odor will be generated, which eliminates possible damage during cutting.


Neat cutting shape: Ultrasonic cuts through high-frequency vibration, food will not stick to the knife surface, only need to use less pressure when cutting, and will not easily deform and wear on fragile and soft materials.


Easy to use: The blade of the ultrasonic food cutter can be replaced at any time, and the operation process is fast. During the cutting process, frequent cleaning of the knife is not required, and the low-friction cutting surface can slice a variety of foods cleanly without smearing, making it easy to cut.


Not easy to mix color and odor: Since the cutting knife is not conducive to cutting edge cutting, it has less friction with food, and it is not easy to contaminate the smell and color of some food. When changing food for processing, food processing can be directly carried out to avoid shutdown, cleaning and other parts operate.

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Efficient cutting to avoid waste: The ultrasonic food cutting machine can cut the food shape accurately, improve the cutting quality of the food, and keep the particles such as nuts and fruits in a clean and non-displaced state, thus avoiding excessive material waste, which is very convenient. Save production costs to a large extent.