Ultrasonic cutting method:

Knife type: It is to load ultrasonic waves on the cutting tool, so that the tool generates ultrasonic vibration, so as to achieve the effect of cutting.

Chopping block anvil: The ultrasonic vibration is loaded on the cutting bottom mold. This bottom mold is like a cutting board used in life. The cutting board generates ultrasonic vibration, which can also play the cutting effect, and the cutting tool does not need to be changed. Use Ordinary tools are sufficient.

The two cutting methods are suitable for different process conditions and cutting objects.


Application range

Used for cutting rubber, synthetic fabrics, fabrics, plastics, metal plates, food, etc.



The principle of ultrasonic cutting is completely different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy to heat and melt the material to be cut to achieve the purpose of cutting material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require sharp edges or great pressure, and will not cause chipping or damage of the material being cut. At the same time, because the cutting blade is doing ultrasonic vibration, the friction resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easy to stick to the blade. This is especially effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure.

Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage, that is, at the same time of cutting, there is fusion of the cutting part. It has the effect of edge banding and prevents the looseness of the cut material.

The use of ultrasonic cutting machine can also be expanded, such as digging holes, digging, scraping paint, carving, slitting and so on.