It uses 4-axis servo driver system,can be applied to steel slat type of bread production line,with the advantage of high output, continuous cutting,convenient operation,automatic tracking,low failure rate,and highly automated,which make it can achieves 180cuts/minute,besides of frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp,this type has flip detection to avoid accidents.

Advantages of ultrasonic Bread cutting machine

  1. The cutting surface is neat, no debris
  2. Food will not stick to the blade.
  3. No easy deformation during the cutting process of the product
  4. High efficiency, large capacity
  5. Hygienic, less bacteria
  6. Environmental protection and no noise
  7. Precise cutting at any angle
  8. Easy to clean


Ultrasonic bread cutting Machine is suitable for baking industry, with the advantages of fast cutting speed, high efficiency and low power consumption. Because the equipment adopts ultrasonic cutting technology, it can achieve sterile and pollution-free cutting to ensure the quality and safety of the product. It is very suitable for the automatic cutting line of baking pan cake bread in the baking industry.

In conclusion
Ultrasonic bread cutting machine is widely used in food factories, this machine can not only improve the production efficiency can also greatly reduce labor costs. Moreover, the machine adopts stainless steel frame, which has a long service life. Our company Wanli has a very perfect after-sales service, any problem in the process of using the machine can contact us at any time.