For ordinary cakes, we will use a large serrated knife to cut and slice, and use the "saw" method to slice the cake back and forth.

Because different cakes have different physical properties, some cakes have a bulky and relatively soft tissue, so a large serrated knife is needed.

But if you encounter cheesecake, mousse cake, brownie cake, you can cut the cake with a serrated knife! ! That tragic ~~ If you change to a normal cake cutter, the cake will stick to the cutter and it will destroy the shape of the cake.

Use ordinary cake cutter to cut the effect

So, how to make a beautiful cake?

Ultrasonic cutting technology uses ultrasonic energy to heat and melt parts of the material to be cut, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. The ultrasonic cutting blade (tool head) amplifies the amplitude of the ultrasonic wave and outputs ultrasonic waves, and uses the cutting edge of the cutting blade to concentrate the ultrasonic energy into the cutting site of the material to be cut. Under the action of huge ultrasonic energy in this part, the molecular structure inside the material is opened, the material instantly softens and melts, and the strength drops greatly. At this time, as long as a small cutting force is applied, the purpose of cutting the material can be achieved.

Based on ultrasonic cutting technology, our company Wanli has developed a machine that can perfectly cut cakes:ultrasonic cake cutting machine.

Features of ultrasonic cutting machine:
When cutting a cream sandwich cake, cut it flat without sticking the knife.
When cutting a mousse cake, the layers are distinct and do not cross color.
When cutting sponge cakes, the incision is smooth, neat, without deformation or chipping.
It can cut frozen products at -18℃.
It can be cut into regular shapes such as flakes, rectangles, triangles and bisector circles.