Ultrasonic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine

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Automatic Ultrasonic Food Slicing Machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of ultrasonic equipment specially used for cutting, and is one of the important categories of ultrasonic applications.
The principle is completely different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting machine uses the energy of ultrasonic wave to heat and melt the material to be cut locally, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting material.

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Ultrasonic Knife For Cutting Cake

Ultrasonic knife for cutting cake is the first choice of many pastry shops and dessert shops.

The ultrasonic cutting does not require very sharp blade, also don't need a lot of pressure, there is no side damage and breakage at all. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration, friction is small, it is not easy to stick on the blade. The material such like the viscous and elastic material, frozen food, such as food, rubber, etc, or inconvenient to add pressure on the cutting object, it will have particularly effect.

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Multi Function Food Slicer

New Multi Function Food Slicer Equipment Description WanliSonic330H, is a new ultrasonic multi function food slicer machine developed by our company Wanli in 2020 according to market demand. Food size that can be cut: 400*600mm.See the above picture for cutting effect Machine Configuration: 1....

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Ultrasonic Automatic Cream Cake Cutting Machine

WANLI is dedicated to making the best and most innovative food machinery. One of the newer products in the market is the Ultrasonic cake cutter, a new and innovative piece of equipment.
The Ultrasonic blade on the cutter vibrate at 50 kHz preventing product sticking to the blade, this makes it the ideal machine for sticky, delicate and notoriously difficult to cut products, capable of cutting both salty and sweet items such as pies, quiches, pizzas, sponges, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, flapjacks, brownies and many other products whether ambient or frozen and gives each slice a clean fresh cut look.

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Automatic Chiffon Cake Bread Cutting Machine

WANLI Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Cut Cake Food

WANLI is a specialist supplier of machines to the food manufacturering industry. One of the company’s innovations is the adoption of ultrasonic cutting technology, giving best-available cut quality for products that are difficult to process using conventional methods.

Cakes, in particular, are notoriously difficult to cut reliably: machines tend to be time consuming to set up for different cake sizes, depths and portion numbers, whilst traditional cutting technologies can result in uneven, messy cuts and unacceptable levels of damaged product.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Nougat Candy Cutter

The automatic ultrasonic food cutting machinery is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic vibration to cut food, mainly used for cutting cakes, bread, candy and other baked goods. This ultrasonic nougat candy cutter introduced today, it uses ultrasonic vibration to cut, the cutting surface is very flat, no compression and heat, maintaining the original flavor and taste of the food, ideal for cutting soft candy and harder candy.

1.Type of cutting knife: Put ultrasonic on cutting knife, and then it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved.

2. Type of cutting boards: Put ultrasonic on bed die, just like boards, and it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved. Simple cutter is OK.

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Ultrasonic Automatic Square Sheet Cake Cutting Machine

Wanli's efficient ultrasonic cutting tools allow companies in the food industry to increase their performance and improve their slicing operations.
The principle is simple: the edge of the vibrating knife (sonotrode) is set at a defined amplitude (30 to 100 µ) and frequency (20 or 30 kHz) as needed. It creates an acceleration of more than 105 G, which, with the help of a press that moves up and down, cuts food into portions.
Benefits of ultrasonic cutter tool machine:
- clean cuts without mess or crushing,
- compatible with soft, sticky and crumbly foods,
- self-cleaning blade,
- food does not adhere to the sides of the blade, thus preventing layers from smearing into each other,
- extremely thin, uniform layers possible with a level of tolerance that is yet unattainable with other methods,
- high throughput,
- zero crumbling and less product loss,
- much safer than all other conventional cutting methods,
- cuts through hard ingredients (walnuts, pistachios, olives, raisins, etc.) without moving them from place.

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Baking Equipment Automatic Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cake is a high capacity cutting machine for precise cutting of circular and rectangular product slices.
Wanli ultrasonic cutting machine outstanding, high-quality cutting, high-quality materials, cutting reliability, high cutting accuracy. The machine is due to the unique technology and the servo system thus achieves maximum results for fast and precise cutting.

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Automatic Ultrasonic chocolate cake Cutting Cutter

Our ultrasonic cutting blades, ultrasonic knifes, ultrasonic horns or sonotrodes are increasingly used in the food industry within food processing machines either for ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic slicing, ultrasonic portioning or ultrasonic dicing food such as : cheese slicing, pastry cutting, cake portioning, pie slicing, servings cutting, deli portioning, meat cutting, bacon slicing or even frozen food cutting.

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Automatic Ultrasound square cake Cutting Machine

We are specializing in producing ultrasound cutting machine used in the food field. With the rich experience and professional produce, our products' quality always meets the high standard requirements of our customers. We are very expecting to establish a long term and good business relationship with your company in the near future.

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Ultrasonic Ice Cream Cake Cutting Machine

Now the cake has become a part of daily life, the right amount of cake is also good for the human body.
While pursuing cake taste, people usually choose more exquisite and beautiful cakes. So how are these delicate and beautiful cakes cut out? Maybe you can find the answer by looking at the video below.

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Bakery Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

This is an ultrasonic cutting machine for food controlled by 5-axis servo motor system, can be linked to chain slat type tunnel oven, automatic belt convey and cutting products of 600x600mm, and it equipped with automatic paper removal function(optional), and security system of security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Cake Bakery Slicer Machine

Industrial ultrasonic cake slabber and bakery slicer includes the following standard features:

1.Gentle Slicing

Achieved via synchronization of the upper and lower belts.

2.Compact Design

Conveyor belt is able to fold to conserve space when not in use.

3.Blade System

Designed to slice fresh baked products via a reciprocating motion, providing a perfect cut every time. This machine can slice product into two or more layers.

4.Safety Guards

The slicing area is enclosed in a protective casing for safe operation.

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Ultrasonic Chocolate cake Cutting Machine

Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine advantages

1. Cut with ultrasonic energy to reduce friction
2. Non-stick knife, smooth and neat incision
3. Wide range of cutting objects, frozen products, including cream products can be adapted
4. Cutting temperature, high temperature, low temperature can be cut
5. Dramatically increase processing speed
6. No crumbs, no edges
7. For multi-layer product cutting, it can keep no color between layers.

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Ultrasonic Candy Cutter Cake Slitter Equipment

The ultrasonic food cutting machine (cutter) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (converter) with cover, booster, titanium blade and digital generator.
This ultrasonic candy cutter cake slitter machine is mainly for cutting cake, caramel treat, corn cake, rice candy, peanut brittle, nougat and other food into cube or rectangle shapes.
This ultrasonic candy cutter machine adopts cursor location design, which can cut the food by transverse vertical cutting. You just need to put the food on the machine.

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Candy Ultrasonic Cutting Slicer


High speed, high quality precision cutting

Fully programmable & configurable enabling you to cut a variety of products & portion options with just one machine

Ability to cut products at various temperatures – frozen / chilled / ambient

Perfect for delicate, soft or crumbly products that ordinarily suffer yield loss

Optimum portion control – maximum yield6.High accuracy & repeatability

Potential for yield improvements8.Easy to clean – designed with hygiene in mind9.User friendly, easy to operate solutions

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