Speaking of the best gift for your wife, what first comes to your mind? Cosmetics? Bags? diamond? Flowers?

Does anyone go to Google to find the answer because they don’t know?

Of course, there may be people who have deep feelings and know their wives. The gifts they give may not be expensive or romantic or delicate, but they are full of love.

On Thursday, September 17, Jorna, our company's senior customer consultant, received a special inquiry from an Australian customer. He wants to buy an ultrasonic cake cutter as a gift for his wife, hoping to surprise his wife. He said that his wife opened a cake company. The previous cake cutting was done by his wife's hand, which took her wife a lot of time. He hopes that giving this ultrasonic cake-cutting machine to his wife can reduce his wife's work burden and make his wife's work easier.

Jorna recommended the model: Wanlisp2-305K920L1700, this powerful multifunctional ultrasonic cake-cutting machine according to the needs of the customer. The customer is also very fond of this machine, but the customer has several difficulties:

Price issues.

First of all, the price of this machine is much more than the customer's budget.

Secondly, the customer also looked for other suppliers, the machine is very similar to ours, the function is also similar, but the price is lower.

Delivery time issues.

At the same time, the customer purchased other products in China, ordered a 40ft container, and the shipping schedule was also scheduled.From the conversation, we learned that the customer has a strong purchasing intention. And we can feel from the customer's words between the lines, his strong love and affection for his wife. We are also deeply moved by this feeling.

After discussion, the boss agreed to Jorna's application and agreed to deal with the first order of the new customer at the factory cost price.

Therefore, for the customers' difficulties, Jorna gave them solutions:

Price issues. Provided to customers at cost price.

Quality assurance and factory credit guarantee.

According to the supplier information provided by the customer, we inquired about the supplier's credit and credit information, and informed the customer and reminded them. And let the customer to verify. Because the cost of a machine is high, the quality and after-sales guarantee are very important.

Delivery time issues. The factory works overtime and keeps track of the progress to shorten the delivery time. On Friday, September 18th, the customer replied to Jorna, asking Jorna to send him the contract as soon as possible. He has asked the same accountant to calculate the funds and will pay the money immediately. The customer said: He inquired about other suppliers and also reviewed our Wanli. He said that he trusted our Wanli company and decided to purchase this ultrasonic cake cutter from our Wanli company.

In the afternoon of the same day, the guest informed me that the payment had been made. We immediately notify the production department to arrange procurement and production after the payment is received.

It is also the first time we have encountered a customer purchasing a machine as a gift. However, I have to say that this gift is consistently rated as the best gift by women in our company. Because of this gift, attentive.