Ultrasonic horn is an important part of the ultrasonic vibration system. Its main role in the vibration system is to amplify the displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration particles, and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area, that is, energy gathering, so Also called ultrasonic shift lever or ultrasonic concentrator.

As the name implies, the ultrasonic horn is a functional component that cooperates with an ultrasonic transducer to change the amplitude of ultrasonic vibration. Its main function is to change the amplitude of the transducer (generally increased), improve the vibration speed ratio, increase the efficiency, improve the mechanical quality factor, strengthen the heat resistance, expand the temperature range, and extend the life of the transducer.

The ultrasonic transducer adjusts the load matching between the transducer and the ultrasonic tool head by installing an ultrasonic horn, reduces the resonance impedance, makes it work at the resonance frequency, improves the electroacoustic conversion efficiency, and effectively reduces the ultrasonic transducer The heat of the device increases the service life.