On Monday, May 18, our salesman received text messages from our Filipino UMT guests. The UMT guest asked if we sold depositor machine equipment. After our business sent a video of the depositor machine work to the customer, the customer confirmed that it was the machine he wanted, and immediately confirmed with the business to place an order to purchase this machine.


This is the fourth machine that our Filipino guests and our factory have purchased.


I still remember that the first time a customer purchased a machine with us was in September 2019 last year. In 2019, a total of 3 pcs ultrasonic cutting machines were purchased from our factory.


This is not only the customer's recognition of our machine quality but also the customer's trust in our company. Therefore, the customer orders very simply.


We notified the factory to arrange production as soon as we received the order from the customer. We will always pay attention to the production progress of the machine, do a good job of quality inspection, in order to complete the customer's order faster and better.

Our factory will continue to uphold the concept of quality first, best price, and good service, while constantly improving and perfecting machinery and equipment, and continuing to develop and manufacture more food machinery. In order to better serve our guests. Return the customer's recognition of our factory and the affirmation of the quality of our machinery and equipment.