Green Tea Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Controlled by 5-axis servo motor system, can be linked to chain slat type tunnel oven, automatic belt convey and cutting products of 600x600mm, and it equipped with automatic paper removal function(optional), and security system of security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp.

Products Introduction

Ultrasonic cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic energy to cut and process. Its working principle is that the ultrasonic generator produces more than 20,000 times the mechanical vibration energy per second, which melts the local heating of the cut material. The purpose of cutting material is achieved by rapidly breaking apart the molecular chain. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require a particularly sharp blade, nor does it require a lot of pressure, and it will not cause the edge of the cut material to break or break. At the same time, due to the low friction of ultrasonic vibration cutting knives, it is particularly effective for viscous and elastic materials such as food, rubber or objects that are inconvenient to add pressure reduction.


Industrial Ultrasonic Bakery Cutting Machine for Green Tea Cake

The equipment has a pipelined operation, multi-slice mode and high efficiency characteristics, double-bit cutting operations, vertical knife points, horizontal knife slices or cut, in addition to a waste removal system will automatically remove the edge of food waste Conveyor belt to ensure food production efficiency and food production quality. The machine is easy to use, can be fully compatible with the traditional food production line, in order to adapt to greater market consumer demand.

The latest ultrasonic cutting machine developed by Wanli, touch screen operating system, can adjust a variety of modes, can be transverse cutting can be longitudinal cutting, high output, suitable for the production line of high-efficiency ultrasonic cutting machine, equipped with Germany's titanium alloy blade, cutting surface clean and tidy, small wear rate, free hands on the choice of Wanli.








Net Wt. 550KGS, Gross Wt.600KGS


220V, single

Rated power


Frequency 50Hz-60Hz

Ultrasonic Frequency




Cross cutting speed

20-60cuts/Minute; high-speed model:60-180cuts/Minute

Slit cutting speed

30-40cuts/Minute; high-speed model:40-100cuts/Minute

Number of blades

4 (optional)

Blade materials

Titanium Alloy

Blade size

300mm/pc (optional)

Cut type

Square, rectangular, slices

Maximum cutting size

400mmx600mm,food cutting height up to 80mm, blade up height:100mm

Material of machine frame

Stainless Steel

Automatic belt convey


Convey speed


Safety protection system

Security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp

Control System

Five-axis Control System

Cutting knife control system

Servo motor

Application Process

Product Description
Wanlisp4-300K900L3500 was developed by Zhangzhou Wanli Machinery Co., Ltd. It is mainly used for cutting rectangular cakes, which can be cut into rectangles and squares.
This standard ultrasonic rectangular cake cutting machine has a total of 4 blades. Two blades are configured for horizontal cutting and longitudinal cutting, and the cutting width and length are up to 600mmwith a titanium alloy blade, with no temperature rise with our patented blade. Horizontal and vertical cutting, two stations at the same time, cutting speed, increase production.
It is also possible to suspend a station and only run one station. The equipment is equivalent to becoming a longitudinal cutting machine or a transverse cutting machine. It can be used to slice and cut long strips of food such as Swiss rolls.
1. Ultrasonic cutting reduces friction, fine incision, no chip, no deformation, smooth and beautiful section.
2. Dimensional accuracy: plus or minus 1mm.
3. Can be used as a stand-alone machine or embedded solution.
4. Fast and precise because of unique servo technology.
5. Advanced software to set product parameters using icons on the touch screen.
6. A high quality safety system prevents access of the cutting area during operation.
7. After the setting is completed, a key start, automatic cutting.
8. Automatically chase ultrasonic drive power, real-time tracking of ultrasonic cutting knife frequency, to ensure that the
ultrasonic cutter work in a stable state, suitable for long hours of continuous work.


1. Pleasing cut and form stability, win the hearts of consumers.
2. Save material cost, automatic mechanical control structure to achieve less waste and large output.
3. Save labor costs.Fully automatic operation, one person can operate many machines at the same time.
4. Responding to market consumer needs, food hygiene.
5. Easy washing and maintenance, Reduction in maintenance and down times.
6. Ultrasonic cutting machine is a class of device using ultrasonic energy for cutting.
7. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc.
8. It can avoid the rough cutting-edge, coked edge, fuzzballs and other shortcomings of laser cutting machine.


Suitable industries for ultrasonic cutting machines:
1. food cutting      2. cake cutting    3. cheese cutting    4. bread flour group cut      5. cookies cookie cutting     6. soft sugar finishing       7. pizza cheese butter

*Strip-shaped food: dough, long-shaped cakes, long-shaped candies, chocolate, etc.
*Rectangular food: rectangular cake, marshmallow, Turkish delight, nougat, etc.
*Flaky food: shrimp chips, potato chips, bread, cheese, biscuits, etc.
*The device has two slitting modes: rectangular and slice mode. Parameters such as working speed and an


Our Service
1.strict mechnical processing requirements to ensure every product meet customer's remonds.
2. high automtic assembly processes to to ensure the consistency of parematers for each product.
3.good aging test to enusre each product work stable and longer its service life.
After-Sales service
1.1 Annual warranty.
2. Guidelines for Operation of Equipment.
3. Any problem will be solved within 24 hours.


Our Packing
1.The body of the equipment is all wrapped in plastic film to avoid accidental scratches during long-distance transportation.
2.The outer packaging adopts standard export wooden packaging, if you have other packaging requirements, you can also contact us to customize.


Our Purpose
WANLI research and development of ultrasonic products cutting equipment compared with traditional device has many advantages, such as deformation, mixed color, easy to operate, waste minimization and minimum maintenance cost.
We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines. Contact WANLI today to test cutting your products on our ultrasonic automatic cake cutter machine.
Customer's satisfaction is always WANLI machinery priority concern, we are keen to solve any problem. We will answer all questions asked, help everyone in need and give response to every prayer.
To find out how a newtech machine can increase your product’s throughput, solve your cutting challenges and ultimately save your business money, contact us now.


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