Brownie cake Ultrasonic Cutter

It is multifunctional ultrasonic cutting machine for bakery food, 4-axis servo motor control system, the size can meet the requirements of small factory or bakery house for cake/bread/cheese/dough/candy cutting, it can cut different sizes of round cake or rectangular cake under 400*600mm.


Brownie cake Ultrasonic Cutter

Ultrasonic cake cutting machine is a food cutting device, which is an economical ultrasonic food cutting processing equipment. The machine has a variety of cutting modes, the operator can easily operate on the touch screen, choose the appropriate cutting mode, can handle different types of food, such as round cake, pizza, Nagasaki cake, Napoleon cake, sandwich and so on. The machine can cut a 10-inch round cake, rectangular in any size, cut round, sliced, cut rectangle, cut triangle.
Applications: square cakes, round cakes, triangular cakes, mousse cakes, cheesecakes, etc.




Net Wt. 320KGS, Gross Wt.420KGS
Rated power
Cutting speed
Number of blades
2 (optional)
Blade materials
Titanium Alloy
Blade size
Cut type
Square, rectangular, cake slice, if cut triangle shape, need to lengthen the blade width
Maximum cutting size
600mmx400mm,food cutting height up to 80mm, blade up height:100mm. food height exceeds 80mm can be customized
Material of machine frame
Stainless Steel
Self cleaning
Yes or optional, need water and air compressor 7KGS
Safety protection system
Infrared inspection, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp
Control System
Four-axis Control System
Cutting knife control system
Servo motor
Machine mobility

Main Features
- Ultrasonic vibration reduces friction resistance between the blade and food, and it makes the blade cut smoothly without deformation.
- The cutting blade is made of titanium. It is completely inert and enduring material.
- Because it reduce the chips of food during cutting and foulings on the blade, you can reduce the down time to clenaning and increase the productivity.
- It is suitable for the food products which include different hardness foods such as Cheese, Cake and bread , Pizza ,candy , nuts and dried fruits

WANLI Brownie cake Ultrasonic Cutter is a specialist supplier of machines to the food manufacturering industry. One of the company’s innovations is the adoption of ultrasonic cutting technology, giving best-available cut quality for products that are difficult to process using conventional methods. Cakes, in particular, are notoriously difficult to cut reliably: machines tend to be time consuming to set up for different cake sizes, depths and portion numbers, whilst traditional cutting technologies can result in uneven, messy cuts and unacceptable levels of damaged product.


Our Service

We design and manufacture complete production lines to the needs, desires and circumstances of customers all over the world. With our expertise in pastry equipment we are able to meet all your needs and find the best possible solution.

Together we will look at your requirements with regard to the required machine and the products to be produced. On the basis of this information, our technical draftsmen go to work, after which we will present you the customized solution.

Wanli is your partner in customized and turnkey solutions to optimize your production processes.

Our cutter adopts the latest ultrasonic technology, easy operation, stable and reliable work. When cutting the bakery product, the knife is not sticky, the food has nice cutting effect and will not left chip. The cutter can save both time and labor. Some parts of the blades are made of food grade material, the user can use it safely.


1.Precautions for use
1). Cut different product, please adjust the different power gear.
2).Continuous work after 15 minutes, stop using for 5 minutes
3).If there was a long time of the noise sound when using, please reduce power gear.
4).When cutter surface has much sticky chip, please stop, use wet cloth to wipe clean, then use again
5).Ultrasonic cutting knife can't collide with hard objects or metal, to avoid the damage of the blade.
6).When the ultrasonic opens, please do not touch the blade.

2. Scope of warranty
1).Ultrasonic generator and transducer under normal use, one year warranty.
2).Blade under normal use, the warranty for a month, the blade deformation or damage is not within the warranty.

3.Product Description
1. Ultrasonic processing is an efficient way to cut, slice, divert, align or transfer a variety of products. It involves a vibrating blade producing a nearly frictionless surface with the influence of ultrasonic which does not deform products and to which they do not stick. The vibrating frictionless blade cuts or slits products cleanly such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels without displacement or plowing.

2.Ultrasonic vibration reduces friction resistance between the blade and mterial, and it makes the blade cut smoothly without deformation.The cutting blade is made of titanium (or the material according to your requirement ). It is completely inert and enduring material.

3..The use of ultrasonic cutting , incision aesthetic integrity, trimming neatly smooth, without Burr, to leave the border areas, not black, not burned, not the hardware products to feel very good shear results
4.It can be used for  rubber,fabric,plastic,ect.


Warranty Return free of charge within seven days of purchase

Within seven days of purchase (based on the date on the invoice), you may return the product or have it replaced or repaired free of charge in case of any malfunction of any component as identified. For return of the product as a whole, please take the product along with any accessories to your dealer. The product price as paid by you (based on the formal invoice) will be fully refunded.


One-Year Warranty
We provide the product with warranty which is valid for one year from the purchase date, during which, any breakdown or failure of any component in the product will be subject to repair service free of charge.


Range of Application of Service Standard

We may choose to repair, replace or accept return of the product to fulfil the warranty hereunder to the extent as required by any applicable laws. In case of any failure of the product, you may take it to the nearest service agency as approved by us for repair. Or you may choose to deliver the failed product at your own cost to our HQ for repair service.

Unless explicitly stated herein, we have made no commitment or warranty, express or implicit.
We are not responsible for any commitment made by any third party (e.g. the dealer) other than those contained herein upon purchase of the product or any auxiliary software/hardware attached thereto. You should request any written certificate from such third party to ensure fulfillment of the said commitment.


Certificate of Warranty

The purchase invoice is the basis for our warranty and service standard, and shall be kept properly as a certificate of warranty. For fulfillment of the warranty by us or any service agency approved by us, you have to take the effective purchase invoice and the warranty card along.

Notes :We will provide you with the warranty as specified in our service standard. For any other service which is out of the range of the warranty, you may select another service agency as approved by use for any paid service.
You must show related certificate for provision of the warranty by a service agency approved by us.
The decision on replacement of the whole machine or any component thereof shall be made by us or any service agency approved by us, and the original failed machine or any component thereof replaced shall be owned by us or the service agency.

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