In food processing and production, through the technology of food sterilization, it can inhibit the growth of microorganisms or kill microorganisms, so as to achieve the purposes of improving food quality, extending food storage period, and ensuring food safety.


However, the use of different sterilization techniques will also produce different changes in color, flavor and nutrients to food. In the food processing and production process, what kind of sterilization technology is better to maximize the natural color, aroma and taste of the food?


Sound waves with a frequency greater than 20kHz are called ultrasound because they exceed the upper limit of human ear audibility. Ultrasonic sterilization is to generate huge energy through the interaction of sound transmission medium and kill microorganisms in a short time. It is generally believed that the bactericidal efficacy of ultrasound mainly comes from cavitation inside the cells. The bactericidal effect is affected by many factors, including the frequency, intensity and irradiation time of the ultrasonic wave, the type and number of microorganisms and the nature of the medium.



Ultrasonic sterilization technology is suitable for processing liquid foods such as fruit and vegetable juice drinks, wine, milk, mineral water and soy sauce.



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