Full-automatic ultrasonic cube cake cutting equipment is a kind of full-automatic, high-performance food slitting equipment with multi-axis standard control system. In the actual production of food can be according to the needs of fixed-point positioning cutting, fully automatic to complete the operation, greatly improving work efficiency. Maximize the benefits with the most economical purchase. The ultrasonic food cutting system uses high frequency wave vibration to quickly process food products, eliminating the downtime caused by continuous cleaning of conventional cutting blades. The Ultrasonic Food Cutting System provides a novel way to cube, slice, and automatically steer a wide variety of different food products, allowing for streamlined production, minimized scrap, and minimal maintenance costs.
The equipment has 4 cutting modes, including round equal cutting mode, slicing mode, rectangle cutting square mode, rectangle cutting triangle mode, etc. The equipment can be operated at different speeds and angles. Working speed and angle parameters are adjustable.It can be used to slice round, rectangular and other shapes of bread, cakes, pizzas and other bakery products in various shapes.


Main Characteristics
Wanli ultrasonic cutting realizes no contact, zero pressure cutting processing mode.
1.Handles sticky foods such as creams and jams without sticking to the knife, and the cut surface is smooth and beautiful.
2. Simple and fast product positioning and all-round cutting according to requirements.
3. Automatic positioning and slitting of cut products based on pre-input parameters.
4. Fully automatic and efficient food slitting by conveyor belt, saving labor.
5. Responds to the needs of the market and consumers, ensuring maximum food hygiene and safety.
6. The slitting process is fully automated without the need for human intervention, improving work efficiency.


This ultrasonic cutting machine for food products can be used to cut round, rectangular, triangular and other shapes of bakery products (cakes, bread, pizza, sandwiches, etc.) to achieve optimal cutting results.

Introduction of ultrasonic food cutting machine
After years of development, ultrasonic food cutting machine currently has a wide range of applications in all major food industries, and achieved good results.
Ultrasonic food cutting machine can cut the food are: sandwich cake, sandwich cake, bread, Swiss roll, date cake, cream cake, mousse cake, pizza, sakima, chocolate, cookies, cheese, all kinds of candy and so on.
Ultrasonic food cutting machines use the vibration of high frequency waves to process food quickly, eliminating the downtime caused by continuous cleaning of traditional cutting blades.
Ultrasonic food cutting machines offer a new way to dice, slice, and automatically steer a wide variety of different food products, allowing for streamlined production, low scrap and low maintenance costs.
Ultrasonic food cutting machines utilize ultrasonic energy to generate 20,000 high frequency vibrations per second to create a virtually frictionless surface between the blade and the food product, so problems such as sticking knives and crushing are eliminated.


Ultrasonic food cutting blade is a device that realizes clean cutting of food through ultrasonic high-frequency vibration. Due to the ultrasonic vibration of the cutting blade, the friction resistance is very small, the food will not be deformed due to compression or extrusion, which can make up for the shortcomings of the existing cutting methods, and the cutting material is not easy to adhere to the blade. It is especially suitable for cutting objects with sticky inconvenient to pressurize (such as food products).
The current is converted into electrical energy by means of an ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electrical energy is converted again into mechanical vibrations of the same frequency by means of a transducer, which is then transmitted to the cutting knife by means of a set of amplitude modifiers that can be varied. The cutting blade transmits the received vibration energy to the cutting surface of the workpiece to be cut, where the vibration energy cuts by opening the molecular chains.

1, Ultrasonic cutting equipment with automatic cleaning function, compared with the traditional cutting system, the cleaning time can be shortened by 70%~90%.
2, Through 20,000 times per second ultrasonic vibration, the friction between the food and the cutter head is reduced to very little, so as to improve the productivity of the cutting operation.
3、Ensure that the cut is neat, smooth and not deformed, which enhances the appearance and value of the product. (Provide a good cutting surface).
4、Reduce the crumbs produced during food cutting, reducing downtime for cleaning.
5、The knife body is made of titanium alloy material, durable and long-lasting.
6、No pollution: the temperature of the cutter head is lower than 50℃ when cutting, no smoke and odor, eliminating the danger of injury and fire when cutting.
7、Simple operation: the cutting knife is connected to the ultrasonic generator, the generator is connected to the 220V mains, turn on the switch to cut, support handheld cutting and equipped with air-cooled interface.
8, small size, does not require a large installation area. Installation does not require special equipment.

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Factors to consider when cutting food:
1. Initial vibration timing
The signals from the ultrasonic generator should be emitted with automatic timing correctly mechanically so that the tool reaches full vibration before the cutting edge meets the food product. Vibration before contact must be avoided due to deformation of the food product caused by contact with non-vibrating cutting surfaces.
2. Vibration amplitude
The term "amplitude" describes the microscopic distance angle of vibration from the cutting surface. Amplitude can be mechanically adjusted by the controller booster, as well as the digital generator. The degree of amplitude has an effect on the cutting process and must be adjusted to suit each required application.
(1) Soft foods and those containing a variety of textures usually require a higher content amplitude. Examples are: soft candies and nougat, soft cheeses and containing nuts or fruits, products containing a variety of soft and hard materials such as sandwiches and wraps, cakes and breads.
(2) Firm foods usually have lower amplitude requirements. Examples are:frozen foods, hard cheeses, vegetables.
3.Reduced speed
The speed at which the cutting tool enters and passes through the material being cut is also a process variable that should be optimized for each process applied. Sometimes it is necessary to penetrate the product slowly with a shell to avoid deformation, and then increase the speed of the knife inside the product in order to achieve the best cutting results.
4. Final vibration timing
Depending on the consistency of the material being cut, the finished slice may tend to stick to the side of the cutting knife after ultrasonic vibration, therefore, maintaining ultrasonic vibration while removing the tool from the product allows for frictionless use of the properties to release cleaner and more consistent slices.