ultrasonic high speed bread cutting machine

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Commercial Ultrasonic Square Cake Cutting Machine

The equipment has a pipelined operation, multi-slice mode and high efficiency characteristics, double bit cutting operations, vertical knife points, horizontal knife slices or cut, in addition to a waste removal system will automatically remove the edge of food waste Conveyor belt to ensure food production efficiency and food production quality. The machine is easy to use, can be fully compatible with the traditional food production line, in order to adapt to greater market consumer demand.

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Highly Produtive Cake Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is used to cut cakes, bread, dough, candy, chocolate and other foods. Ultrasonic cutting technology is adopted, so during the use of this cutting machine, the cutting surface of the cake is neat and beautiful, and the cake shavings are not easy to stick to the knife edge.
The ultrasonic cutting machine automatically tracks the frequency of the ultrasonic drive power and tracks the frequency of the ultrasonic cutting knife in real time. The ultrasonic cutting knife works in a stable state and is suitable for long-term continuous work.
The cutting speed is fast, 60 knives per minute.
Dimensional accuracy: plus, or minus 1mm.
Hygienic and easy to clean.

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Food Guillotine Cutter

Factory Price Food Guillotine Cutter Model: Wanlisp4-300K900L3500, ultrasonic food guillotiine cutter, developed by WANLI factory, it is used to cut rectangular food into squares. The parameters that have been set can be saved, and they can be called directly next time without resetting. 10...

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Frozen Dough Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Frozen dough technology is a new bread technology developed in the late 1950s and is now quite popular in many countries and regions. Most of the industry currently uses traditional stainless-steel knives to cut frozen dough. When the traditional stainless-steel knife cuts the frozen dough, the temperature of the frozen dough is high. If the temperature is too low, the cutting will be laborious, or everything will be broken. Therefore, the frozen dough needs to be cooled to the room temperature and then cut, which reduces the temperature. Cutting efficiency.
The Dough Ultrasonic Cutting Equipment developed not only provides a professional solution to the problems existing in the cutting of normal temperature foods, but also provides the most suitable solution for foods under extreme temperatures. Ultrasonic food cutting equipment uses ultrasonic technology to apply ultrasonic vibration to the blade for cutting. It can easily cut the frozen dough at minus 18 degrees without any external force, and there is no chipping.

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High Quality Ultrasonic Frozen Ice Cream Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic frozen ice cream cutting equipment can cut the food under extreme conditions, cutting temperature is low, hard frozen food when its advantages are more prominent, because the use of high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic cutting, so the cutting only need to apply a small external force, then Can be easily cut molding, so the wear of the tool is smaller, the general tool life cycle than ordinary steel knife, disc knife length of at least 3-5 years.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Square Cake Cutter Machine

Model: Wanlisp4-300K900L3500
Material: Titanium Alloy
Rated Voltage: 220V

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Automatic Ultrasonic Ice Cream Cake Cutting Machine

Most of the food enterprises existing equipment can be used in conjunction with ultrasonic ice cream cake cutting machine.
Slicing, portioning, cube cutting, slicing shapes for cheeses, cakes, pâtés, mousses, processed products, fish, fruit and more; ultrasonic slicing provides the perfect cutting quality for a multitude of products.
Unlike other food cutting technologies, ultrasonic slicing eliminates product loss and increases productivity. Indeed, the vibration of the slicing blade prevents the sticking and clogging of the cutting tool by products, the cutting quality is optimal and repeatable.

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Industrial Brownie Cake Ultrasonic Cutter

Titanium Alloy
Ratde Voltage:

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Layer Cake Cutting Machine

The Automatic layer cake cutting machine uses ultrasonic blades to cut delicate layer cakes without smashing them and leaving a crisp clean edge on all sides. Have you test sliced your products with layer cake cutting machine?

The device has two cutting modes: rectangular cutting and slicing mode. Parameters such as working speed and angle are adjustable.

It is used to cut various shapes of bread, cakes, sugar and other foods with rectangular shapes.

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Layer Cake Slicing Machine

This layer cake cutting machine is built to precisely and efficiently cut products into horizontal slabs for a layer cake production line. Slice off the top of a cake for an evenly cut professional look. Increase production and lower costs by baking one cake and slab cutting it into several thin layers for a layer cake. This machine uses 3 horizontal reciprocating Teflon-coated blades to cut consistent layers from 0.3″ to 3.5″ thick. This machine is great for a bakery producing layer cakes or slicing the top crown off of cake products.

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Manufatory Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Tofu Cubes Machine

The principle is completely different from traditional cutting. manufatory automatic ultrasonic cutting tofu cubes machine uses the energy of ultrasonic wave to heat and melt the material to be cut locally, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting material.

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Muesli Bars And Cake Bars Slicing

Muesli Bars and Cake Bars Slicing is an ultrasonic cake bars slicing machine, which we customize according to the needs of a Chinese cake manufacturer. The cutting product of this equipment can be up to 1 meter wide and can cut 1,200 breads per hour, meeting the needs of cake manufacturers for high-volume production every day. With this new line automation system, customers can cut 1-10 cake bars at the same time and fully integrate the cutting process into the high-speed cake bars production line, which greatly increases production. The biggest benefit is the use of ultrasonic cutting technology to bring the best cut quality to the muesli bars and cake bars.

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Nougat Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Cutter

1. Applied to automatic production
2. Long time used
3. Fine finish of surface, good adhesivity.
4. Speed, efficient, non-pollution. Efficiency will be increased by 10 times.
5. Cutting difficult materials, to solve processing problems
6. Satisfy with different processing demands.
7. Complete range of articles, cutting knife can be customized by requirements.
8. Less labor, and easily control.

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Nougat Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

WANLI Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Cut Cake Food

WANLI is a specialist supplier of machines to the food manufacturering industry. One of the company’s innovations is the adoption of ultrasonic cutting technology, giving best-available cut quality for products that are difficult to process using conventional methods.

Cakes, in particular, are notoriously difficult to cut reliably: machines tend to be time consuming to set up for different cake sizes, depths and portion numbers, whilst traditional cutting technologies can result in uneven, messy cuts and unacceptable levels of damaged product.

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Portable Ultrasonic Cutter

Titanium Alloy
Ratde Voltage:

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Portion Cutting Machine For Meat

For dicing or slicing bread and cakes.

The length of the whole machine is 3.5M

(divided into 2 sections). Width is 0.9M.

Equipped with material rotating device.

Can cut size:600mm*600mm

Cutting speed 60 times/minute

The full set of action is driven by the Servo Motor.

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