ultrasonic high speed bread cutting machine

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Ultrasonic Portioning Machine

Food ultrasonic portioning machines by Sonic Italia. Our company is a leading supplier for portioning machinery in the food industry. We develop a completely automated system for all possible food portioning needs.

From cuts of 600x400 mm pans to longitudinal slicing on conveyor belts, we will devise and manufacture personalized turnkey solutions that follow clients' specific guidelines.

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Ultrasonic High Speed Bread Cutting Machine

Titanium Alloy
Ratde Voltage:

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Ultrasonic Universal Cutter Food Cutting Machine

The Ultrasonic Universal Cutter cuts virtually any food, and cleanly using ultrasonic blades. Its flexible design allows you to cut all your SKUs on one machine – reducing cost and increasing efficiency. The razor sharp, titanium blade cuts softer products cleanly and precisely, with the help of high frequency ultrasonic vibrations that create a friction-free surface. Its user-friendly operation and sanitation allow for fast set-up, usage and thorough cleaning.

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Ultrasonic Swiss Roll Cakes Cutting Machine

Automated Ultrasonic Slicer For Cheese Logs Machine

​This ultrasonic cutting machine can be used for cutting cheese. The cheese ultrasonic cutting machine adopts automatic frequency-tracking ultrasonic driving technology. It has simple application, powerful cutting power, no knife and no debris. The surface of the cut product is smooth and beautiful.

Can be equipped with blades of different specifications according to the cutting width of the product, and even customize the machine according to requirements.

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Ultrasonic Soft Cheese Slicing Machine

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Ultrasonic Slicer Sheet Cake Machine

Automatic Ultrasonic Slicer Sheet Cake Machine

The blade vibrated by ultrasonic waves can quickly and accurately separate the objects to be cut with less resistance, and no residue is generated. Ultrasound has been used in finished product cutting for many years. When cutting baked food, cakes, energy bars, cheese, pizza and other materials, the vibration (cold) cutting welding head can reduce the resistance during the cutting process and remove the adhered product residues. The result: a flat, recuttable surface without deforming or thermally damaging the product.

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