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Main Products:Chocolate Making Machine,Candy Making Machine,Cereal Bar Making Machine,Biscuit Making Machine,Bread Making Machine

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High Production Ultrasonic Cheese Cube Cutting Machine

WANLI Ultrasonic Automatic Cheese Cube Cutting Machine
WANLI machinery design and manufacture ultrasonic cheese cube cutting equipment to meet our customers various reduction needs. Our cheese cube cutting machines can cut blocks of cheese into random as well as exact weight sizes in various dimensions. In addition, these machines can reduce large blocks into cubes for shredding, grinding, grating, and melting for industrial use.

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Ultrasonic Cheese Cube Cutting Machine

High Quality Cheese Cube Cutting Machine Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

WANLI is a specialist supplier of machines to the food manufacturering industry. One of the company’s innovations is the adoption of ultrasonic cutting technology, giving best-available cut quality for products that are difficult to process using conventional methods.

Cakes, in particular, are notoriously difficult to cut reliably: machines tend to be time consuming to set up for different cake sizes, depths and portion numbers, whilst traditional cutting technologies can result in uneven, messy cuts and unacceptable levels of damaged product.

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Ultra Sonic Food Cutter

The ultra sonic cutting equipment is composed of an ultra sonic transducer, a housing, a horn, a titanium alloy knife and a numerical control driving power supply. Ultra sonic food cutting machine is an innovation in food processing. The ultra sonic food cutter machine vibrates at a high frequency of 40 KHZ or 20 KHZ, which reduces the frictional resistance of the cutting surface. This low friction allows the cutting knife to cut food smoothly, making the food cutting surface clean, beautiful, and not deformed. In addition, ultra sonic cutter reduces food debris during the cutting process. This reduces more downtime to clean up your production system. Ultra sonic food knives can also be easily installed in your current production system to help you better complete the cutting.

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Ultrasonic Quiche Cutter

Within today’s marketplace, savoury products such as quiches are increasingly sold ready-portioned to meet customer demand for food-on-the-go. Care must be taken with these products to ensure that they are effectively divided to a specific size and weight while maximising yield, especially taking into account the potential for unnecessary product loss due to ingredients leaving residue on traditional mechanical blades.

Our ultrasonic machinery effectively divides quiches to a specific size and weight while maximising yield and reducing unnecessary product loss.

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