Bakery Use Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

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Ultrasonic Blades

The advantages of ultrasonic vibrating blades are: very precise cuts, pressure-free cutting, whereby a deformation of the cutted material (e.g. cake) can be avoided, simultaneous welding of the cutting edge of certain materials, very high cutting speeds and significantly reduced cleaning costs.

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Ultrasonic Bread Cutting

The ultrasonic generator produce the mechanical energy of vibration more than 20000 times per second to the cutting blade, it cut the breads by local vibration very quickly, the friction on the bread surface is very small,the bread can apart by the titanium blade very quickly, to achieve the aim of cutting materials requirements.

Using ultrasonic to cut bread is easy, fast, convenient, simple and labor-saving. As a result, more and more factory bakeries are using ultrasonic bread cutters for bread cutting.

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Ultrasonic Cutting Machine for Nougat

With the Altrasonic ultrasonic cutting machine, you can cut a wide range of products in the food industry. Machines can improve product quality, cut faster and be more efficient.

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Bakery Use Ultrasonic Sweet Cake Cutting Machine

Model: Wanlisp7-300K900L5000
Material: Titanium Alloy
Rated Voltage:220V

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Ultrasonic Automatic Cream Cake Cutting Machine

WANLI is dedicated to making the best and most innovative food machinery. One of the newer products in the market is the Ultrasonic cake cutter, a new and innovative piece of equipment.
The Ultrasonic blade on the cutter vibrate at 50 kHz preventing product sticking to the blade, this makes it the ideal machine for sticky, delicate and notoriously difficult to cut products, capable of cutting both salty and sweet items such as pies, quiches, pizzas, sponges, cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, flapjacks, brownies and many other products whether ambient or frozen and gives each slice a clean fresh cut look.

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Ultrasonic Automatic Sponge Cake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Machine offers clean cut of cake by using vibrations. This vibrations minimizes friction between cakes and cutter to improve productivity.
Ultrasonic Automatic food cutting machines improve every major area of food processing. Increased sanitation, efficiency and saving. Increase the production capacity of the factory. This Automatic Food Cutting Machine has a rectangular cutting mode and a slicing mode. It is used to cut various shapes of bread, cakes, sugar and other foods with rectangular shapes.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Nougat Candy Cutter

The automatic ultrasonic food cutting machinery is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic vibration to cut food, mainly used for cutting cakes, bread, candy and other baked goods. This ultrasonic nougat candy cutter introduced today, it uses ultrasonic vibration to cut, the cutting surface is very flat, no compression and heat, maintaining the original flavor and taste of the food, ideal for cutting soft candy and harder candy.

1.Type of cutting knife: Put ultrasonic on cutting knife, and then it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved.

2. Type of cutting boards: Put ultrasonic on bed die, just like boards, and it creates ultrasonic vibration. After that, cutting effect can be achieved. Simple cutter is OK.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Soft Cake Cutting Equipment

Automatic ultrasonic slicing machine, designed for cutting and slicing of rectangular products and very suitable for smaller and medium size companies.
This machine is equipped with an ultrasonic system with high-quality titanium blades that used to accomplish the best slicing results.
The cleaning unit takes care of cleaning and disinfection. This means safe and automatic cleaning of the blades without interruption of the slicing process.
Beautifully shaped products, less slicing waste, safe cleaning and more profit. Make it all with the Ultrasonic slicing machine!

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Automatic Ultrasonic chocolate cake Cutting Cutter

Our ultrasonic cutting blades, ultrasonic knifes, ultrasonic horns or sonotrodes are increasingly used in the food industry within food processing machines either for ultrasonic cutting, ultrasonic slicing, ultrasonic portioning or ultrasonic dicing food such as : cheese slicing, pastry cutting, cake portioning, pie slicing, servings cutting, deli portioning, meat cutting, bacon slicing or even frozen food cutting.

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High Quality Ultrasonic Candy Cutting Machine

WANI provides a low maintenance system for cutting cakes using Ultrasonic cutting technology. The Automatic Ultrasonic Cutting Machine can be configured into existing pipeline production or can be used alone.
These cutting systems also benefit from design which allows easy access for cleaning and inspection to keep maintenance and production time to a minimum.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Cake Cutting Equipment

Our ultrasonic cutters for the food industry guarantee clean and precise slicing. All of this without affecting the homogeneity of the food product in any way whether it may be soft or containing fats, sugars, honey, creams and or chocolate, as it is common with desserts and confectionery.

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Bakery Ultrasonic Automatic Candy Cutting Machine

Our ultrasonic bread cheese candy slicing machine able to cut cheese cubes or sticks in perfect shapes high output.
They are more accurate, more flexible, and more economical to buy and to operate; this will give you a much faster return on the investment, and a clear advantage over your competitors.

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Bakery Cake Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

This is an ultrasonic cutting machine for food controlled by 5-axis servo motor system, can be linked to chain slat type tunnel oven, automatic belt convey and cutting products of 600x600mm, and it equipped with automatic paper removal function(optional), and security system of security door, frequency ultrasonic scan and fault indicator lamp.

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Automatic Ultrasonic Cheese Cake Slicing Machine

Our ultrasonic cake slicing machines are ideal for slicing crisp baked goods such as cakes, pies and pizza into flakes, lumps or sectors, such as brownie and this ultrasonic cake slicing features one cutting station for inline slicing of fresh sheet. The machine features a servo driven conveyor, multiple axis cutting head, automatic onload and offload options and is built to cut round cakes into wedge slices or full sheet cakes into squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, parallelograms, hexagons, and other shapes. The ultrasonic blade allows a facility to cut fresh and delicate bakery products fresh and eliminates the wasted time and cost of freezing the products before portioning. The ultrasonic cake slicing machine is best for high production bakeries slicing various types of products at various temperatures.

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Cheesecake Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic cake is a high-capacity cutting machine for precise cutting of circular and rectangular product slices.

Wanli ultrasonic cutting machine outstanding, high-quality cutting, high-quality materials, cutting reliability, high cutting accuracy. The machine is due to the unique technology and the servo system thus achieves maximum results for fast and precise cutting.

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Cheesecake Fresh Dough Cutting Machine

Traditonal Food Cutting & Ultrasonic Food Cutting

cheesecake fresh dough cutting machine is not only easy to damage the appearance of food, but also due to the phenomenon of food stick knife need to clean the cutter on a regular basis, especially in the processing of cream such as sticky knife materials, its production efficiency is greatly reduced.

The principle is completely different from traditional cutting. Ultrasonic cutting machine uses the energy of ultrasonic wave to heat and melt the material to be cut locally, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting material.

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