More than 2,000 years ago, our forefathers, with the simple desire for friendly exchanges, crossed the grassland and desert to open up the land Silk Road linking Asia, Europe and Africa, opening up an era of great exchanges in the history of human civilization. More than 1,000 years ago, our forefathers set sail and sailed across the stormy seas to create the Maritime Silk Road connecting the East and the West, opening up a new era of human civilization.

In March 2013, put forward the idea of building a community of human destiny, and in September and October, he successively proposed to jointly build the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road". The initiative to jointly build the Belt and Road creatively inherits and carries forward the ancient Silk Road, a historical and civilizational achievement of humankind, and gives it a new spirit of the times and humanistic connotations, thus providing a practical platform for building a community of human destiny.It was also the year that we at WANLI were founded.Our factory Wanli manufactures the automatic ultrasonic food cutting machine and bakery equipment(cookie depositor machine,cookie decorating machine,cookie spreader machine,cookie depanner machine) with high quality & very competitive price  for 10 years in China. If you have any special request for the machine, we can customize it.

Over the past 10 years, the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative has not only brought tangible benefits to the countries concerned, but has also made positive contributions to the healthy development of economic globalization, solved the problems of global development and improved the system of global governance, opened up a new path for mankind to realize modernization together, and pushed forward the building of a community of shared destiny for mankind.


A New Generation of cookie Cutting Sharpener:Ultrasonic Cookie Cutting Machine

In the bakery industry, the production of exquisite cookies can not be separated from the fine cutting process. In recent years, ultrasonic cookie cutting machine has gradually become the new favorite in the market. It has unique advantages and features, which are more superior compared with traditional cutting methods.

Compared with traditional cutting methods, WANLI ultrasonic food cutting knife has, cutting more hygienic, easy to clean equipment, shorter downtime, better cost-effectiveness, higher consistency of the cutting surface, longer blade service life and so on.

Ultrasonic food cutting is a process that utilizes a knife that vibrates at a high frequency. Applying ultrasonic vibration to the tool creates a virtually frictionless cutting surface, which brings many benefits to cutting. This low friction cutting surface allows many foods to be cleanly sliced into thin slices without creating debris.

Foods containing items such as vegetables, meats, nuts, berries and fruits can be cut without distortion or shifting of the product inside. Low friction conditions also reduce the tendency for products such as nougat and other soft candies to stick to the cutter, resulting in a more even cut. Because the ultrasonic generator features advanced process control, the performance of the ultrasonic food cutting knife can be easily controlled by simply adjusting the equipment parameters.

Advantages of ultrasonic cookie cutting machine

  1. Improve cutting efficiency: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine adopts high frequency vibration to produce high temperature on the surface of cookiein an instant, so as to achieve cutting effect. The cutting speed is fast, which greatly improves the production efficiency.
  2. Good cutting effect: ultrasonic cutting technology can realize smooth and precise cutting effect, which makes the cookielook more beautiful and taste more uniform.
  3. Safe and hygienic: no blade touches the food during the ultrasonic cutting process, which reduces the risk of food safety. Meanwhile, the machine is simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Strong adaptability: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine is suitable for various types of cookies, whether it is fluffy sponge cookieor hard chocolate cookie, can be easily dealt with.

The characteristics of ultrasonic cookie cutting machine

  1. Compact design: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine is small in size, compact in structure, space-saving, easy to carry and store.
  2. Easy operation: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine adopts one-button operation design, no need for professional skills, everyone can easily get started.
  3. Energy saving and environmental protection: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine has low power and small power consumption, which reduces energy consumption and carbon emission.

The difference between ultrasonic cookie cutting machine and traditional cutting

  1. Cutting method: traditional cutting method usually adopts blade cutting, which is easy to lead to uneven cookiesurface and taste. And ultrasonic cookiecutting machine adopts vibration cutting, which makes the cookie surface smoother and the taste more even.
  2. Cutting efficiency: ultrasonic cookiecutting machine cutting speed, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce labor costs. While the traditional cutting method is slower and time-consuming.
  3. Safety: ultrasonic cutting process without blade contact with food, reducing the risk of food safety. While the traditional cutting method is easy to cause blade scratches, there are certain food safety risks.

In summary, ultrasonic cookie cutting machine has many advantages and features, compared with traditional cutting methods, it has higher cutting efficiency, better cutting effect and safer working environment. It is a new generation of cutting tool in baking industry, which is worth to be widely promoted and applied.


Ultrasonic Food Cutting Attractions

1.Neat Cutting:Uniform cutting surface, cutting multi-layer composite food (sandwiches) and nuts without displacement. No food residue during the cutting process, reducing material loss. When cutting sandwiches, the quality of the product is guaranteed, increasing production and reducing labor costs.

2.Precision cutting of difficult products:Easily slice products such as natural food cookies without deformation or crushing, as well as tough breads and bagels.

3.Higher productivity leads to greater throughput:Ultrasonic offers faster cutting and slicing speeds than traditional blade systems, and smaller cuts help reduce waste.

4.Reduced cleaning downtime:Ultrasonic systems reduce cleaning downtime by 70 to 90 percent by providing longer run times during the cleaning cycle and ease of cleaning.

5.Quality materials meet the highest food industry standards:Equipment is constructed from stainless steel to ensure improved sanitation, safety and processability.

6.Minimal surface friction extends blade life:Ultrasonic tool head blades are sharper than stationary blades, increasing productivity and reducing maintenance.

7.All-weather operation:WANLISONIC ultrasonic cutting systems are carefully designed and engineered to meet the demands of high performance day in and day out in the harshest of processing environments.